Jake Palmer of Omaha, NE took his dog to a local vet only to be told that the dog was very ill and might need to be euthanized.  The man left saying he would take care of it and for three days, with grave concern for the dog, the Humane Society tried to contact Palmer without luck.  They actually went to the length to secure a search warrant in hope of saving the dog’s life and with the assistance of the Omaha Police, they actually busted down the door the Palmer house after getting no answer at the door.

Looking for the dog what they found was a freshly dug grave in the backyard of the house, the dog dead and buried. Palmer arrived home shortly after the police busted down the door to his house and was arrested for denying care for his dog.  He claimed that the dog died of natural causes.  The Nebraska Humane Society will perform a necropsy on the dog and if the dog suffered at all or was killed, Palmer could face felony animal cruelty charges.

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To be honest, I was amazed to see a Humane Society and police department go to such lengths to try to save a dog; to actually get a search warrant and bust down the door to a home.  Why don’t we see more police and humane societies go to even half this length for most animal abuse cases out there.

Our companion animal, our pets, our furry family members, are our responsibility to care for and love.  We take that responsibility when we ask them into our lives.  They ask so little from us and give everything in return.  They are innocent and voiceless members of our society and if “we” do not act as their voices, then they have no one.  It’s a known fact that if someone will do harm to an animal they are highly lightly to harm or abuse their fellow human members of society.

I applaud the Omaha police and Nebraska Humane Society for going the length they went to for this canine companion.  I only wish we could see more stories like this rather then what we normally see; police shooting dogs, humane societies not giving and damn and meting out as much abuse and neglect as some of the miscreants in society that have their pets seized from them.

Update 9/16/09

One of the commentors – Insane Kangaroo – wanted to find out the details and took the time to call the Nebraska Humane Society and this is the info he got back from them;

I did call Nebraska Humane society and received a full explanation of what
happened to the dog which died in regards to the guy getting arrested.

I’m distraught over the incident. The dog apparently had a case of extremely
closed pyometra, the PR lady stated ‘infection’. The dog was intact, so I’m
assuming pyometra.

The guy allowed the dog to die instead of doing the responsible thing and
putting the dog down for free through the humane society.

So sad!! Thank you for taking the time to call and for the update.

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