Bugsy is the little 4 month old Chihuahua that was dragged by a truck by owner Pompeyo Morales. This incident made so many people so angry, including myself. One thing I noticed though is that Morales’ side of the story was never really told or explained and I always think it’s fair to ‘listen’ to both sides of a story because there is always two sides.

I came across ‘the other side of the story’ as explained by a friend of Morales. Morales is Phillipino and thus there is a language barrier as well as the fact that an attorney advised him not to say anything. So here’s ‘the other side of the story’ copied from PNJ Forums.

Hello I am Derrick Chadwick, Friend, co-worker and supervisor to Pompeyo Moralas. I have known Pompeyo for 7 to 8 years( He has been in the USA since May of 99) where we met at work. He is a nice and gentle man who works hard. Extremely hard. All of his coworkers know what a great person and animal lover he is. Pompeyo works with me and 40 other people Monday thru Friday 40 hours a week. He also works handy man jobs at Night on the weekdays as well as every Saturday and Sunday and Holidays. He supports his Wife and kids who are in the Phillipines. His two oldest he works the handyman jobs for to put thru college. He is supporting his 70 year old father that lives with him here. Yea this sounds like im stacking the sympathy, but it shows why he works so hard and sometimes to exhaustion. He takes Bugsy with him for company cause his family is not here it makes him feel good to talk to him and watch him play while he works.

Pompeyo and his dad have many animals several birds, a lazy cat and a homemade goldfish pond out front of his house that he is proud of. HE had to make a net around the goldfish pond to keep his cat and wild birds out of it. He had a pet goat till the county ordnance required him to give it away. His buddy Bugsy and him were inseparable when he was not working at his normal JOB with me. He takes Bugsy shopping and to some of his handyman jobs he does for friends and family. July 4th he was at his 3rd handyman job for that day and had been working hard cleaning on the roof and in the yard (he had let Bugsy run and play free inside a wooden privacy fence as he cleaned in the backyard until he was getting near done) It was 5pm and he had been working hard since 7am in the Fla heat. This was his 3rd and longest job location for the day. About 5 hours straight.

Pompeyo had added a mirror on the hood of his truck up near the passenger headlight cause it helps him to see better on that side. He put the loop of the leash over this mirror so the dog would be in the shade and would not run off near the road as he finished picking up his tools as he was entering and leaving the backyard while the gate was propped open.

HE never tied the dog to the truck he just looped the leash (the hand hold shaped in a circle) over the mirror. He finished moving his tools and trash out to his truck. He was weary for the day working for 10 hours in the heat and climbed into his truck on the opposite side of where he had looped the leash on the mirror and left the yard. Horribly he did no know he still had little Bugsy outside and his leash was still hooked on the mirror. A unidentified lady flagged Pompeyo down at the stop light/sign to tell him his dog was being dragged. Stunned and horrified at what he had done Pompeyo picked his dog up in his hands and put him in the passengers seat. This is horrible, but its a horrible accident. Pompeyo did not intentionally leave the leash looped over or the mirror to hurt him nor did he tie the puppy to the truck in anyway. Pompeyo drove home since he was close and was still in shock at what he had done to his puppy.

Fortunately as he pulled into his home a dear lady named Jessica and her boyfriend pulled in right behind him. She asked if Bugsy was still alive and Pompeyo said yes. She asked Pompeyo where he was going to take him. Pompeyo said he did not reply. She told Pompeyo that she knew where to take him to get immediate help and could she. Pompeyo was confident to trust her. I personally spoke with Jessica the next day Thursday and Friday and she stated to me there wasnt much of a conversation with Pompeyo due to him being still in shock and the language barrier. Due to this and the urgency of getting the dog to the Emergency Animal Hospital on Pallofox St. Jessica and Pompeyo quickly swapped phone numbers and Jessica immediately took the little Bugsy to the Animal Hospital. (At this point shortly after Pompeyo had arrived home Bugsy was already on his way to the Emergency Animal Hospital)

Pompeyo still in shock and was to clean up from the days hard work and to go check on his dog. (Why he didn’t follow her or shortly leave to go be with his dog is for him to answer in court). 10 to 15 minutes after she left Pompeyo tried to call Jessica, but she did not answer. Shortly there after Pompeyo received a phone call from one of the ladies who he had worked on her yard that day.

Earlier in the day this lady had asked him to clean up a brush/trash pile and beware of a snake. She had asked him to dispose of the snake if he caught it. Pompeyo did catch the snake and had put it in 2 empty water bottles tape together with air holes. He was to take the snake to a coworker named John Winters so he could release it up in the woods where he lives. The lady called because Pompeyo had left the snake at her house. Pompeyo rushed over to this ladies house cause she was upset. HE got the snake a return home. He recalled Jessica sometime around 30minutes and found out his little dog was going to make it , but was going to need some serious medical attention.

Pompeyo did clean up and was going to have to call Jessica again to find out where the Hospital was, because he didn’t understand her first instructions. The Escambia County Sheriffs office arrived at his house since they had been called by 911 by an onlooker. Pompeyo has a language barrier being a native Phillipino and it seems the Deputies could not ascertain his plan for caring for the dog. ( As stated on Wear 3 news cast by a African-American sheriff’s Deputy). Pompeyo was still in shock and horrified at the injuries to the dog was unable to explain much. A deputy said on camera they arrested Pompeyo cause he did not have plan to care for the Dog. I believe there was just a miscommunication.

At no time did Pompeyo refuse to take the dog to the vet , bacause Jessica had already taken the dog to the vet so its impossible he could have said that. Pompeyo told me he never said that. Debbie Williams the reporter from Channel 5 news WKRG out of Mobile, Alabama spent Friday morning at the Escambia County Sheriffs office and no one could say they heard him say he was not going to take his dog to the vet. I was a investigator for the State of Fla at one time and a Military Police officer for the USAF overseas in the country of Turkey. I dealt with language barriers for 2 years overseas and know my fair share of communicating with a person with limited/no English speaking skills from a foreign country. I don’t fault the Deputies for the miscommunication, however there seems to have been some miscommunication. I have had many conversations explaining my work with Pompeyo and have had miscommunication myself. Pompeyo was unable to go to the Emergency Animal hospital to check on his dog or arrange payments, because he was arrested by the Sheriff deputies.

The following morning ( July 5th , Thur) I made Pompeyo come to work and explain to me what happened and I spoke with Jessica the witness to the accident the same person who took Bugsy immediately to the emergency center and she told us the location of the hospital and confirmed what Pompeyo said. We went to the hospital (Right after work at 4pm) and they were closed since they are an after hours emergency center. I phoned the Hospital at 6pm when they opened and they said Bugsy had been moved to one of the animal shelters. I phoned the Animal control Main office and the number reached the after hours operator and we were told to call the following day (Friday).

On July 5th Pompeyo brought the snake in a container Thursday to a co-worker named John Winters so it could be released in the woods since he lives in the country. I would have killed the snake myself if I found it in my yard as well as black widows I find. That is how Pompeyo treats all animals.

Friday Morning July 6th , While working I phoned the Main number and found it to be busy at least 4 times. We received a call from the family member at Pompeyo’s home and from our work office an Animal control officer was looking for Pompeyo and he was to contact Candaice the director/manager. The phone number we were given was the same one I had tried all morning. I was able to contact Candace (after a few more attempts) for Pompeyo since he worried he could not speak clearly to inquired how Little Bugsy was doing , when we could see Bugsy and that we were taking off work shortly to see Bugsy and start to pay some on his medical bills and arrange a payment plan.

Candace/manager was very nice, but stated the Authorities had placed the dog on hold and we were not allowed to visit of even pay on the Bills due to the hold. Candice requested for Pompeyo to come to sign away his rights to his puppy since it would make Bugsy able to be adopted. Pompeyo did not want to sign away his rights. Pompeyo loves his dog and is horrified at the injury to his dog, but still wants to take care of him. There has been many accidents all over the world where pets have been hurt of killed unintentionally and accidentally (and even children )by backing over their pet or child or other causes. Candace then spoke with Pompeyo and he told her what happened to accidentally hurt his puppy and that he wanted to keep his dog and see him and pay for his bills. Sadly Candace had to repeat the same that the authorities would not allow her to let him see Bugsy or pay on his bills. Candace did say Pompeyo could request a hearing to regain custody of his little Bugsy.

We were contacted by Channel 3 new WEAR and was asked to make a statement and I went with Pompeyo at around noon and spoke for him at length about what I just typed. We also spoke to Debbie with channel 5 news WKRG about the same above information later that late afternoon. These two news stations knew there was more to the story and we thank them for letting us tell what happened. I had contacted The Pensacola New journal Thursday on the Phone and gave a statement over the phone. I sent a copy of this Forums post to several of their Editors/reporters including the one who wrote this story we are commenting on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Sadly none were ever printed in the regular Newspaper. Jessica the witness will only speak to the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney and at court. She did not want to add to the Circus. I will speak myself , as well as his coworkers and family with speak for him too.

Pompeyo was told by a family friend who is a Lawyer not to speak to anyone until he gets an Attorney so that is why I have been speaking in his behalf. Why wouldn’t I? He’s my friend and I know what kinda person he is. He’s a genuine good person and a lover of people and animals . HE was there for me when my wife , who was also a Phillipino woman was dieing of cancer. I lost her 5 years ago. Pompeyo has helped me train my own dog, Chester a bad chewer of my furniture. Two months ago I told Pompeyo when I woke up that morning I found my coffee table chewed on all corners and was jokingly saying I was going to go home and smack him. Pompeyo was adamant about not hitting my dog! He said, “No, no, no, never hit you pet, roll up a newspaper or magazine and smack the floor or table to get his attention and use your voice….. never hit your dog.” I said ok man I was just kidding. I have never forgot that. Pompeyo has trained many animals and given animals to friends and family members . He has been given animals, because people who can’t care for them know Pompeyo will or will find someone who can.

Pompeyo stated while he was working Sunday July 8th on a another handyman job the two arresting Deputies stopped by his home and spoke with his brother and apologized for arresting him. I did not talk to his brother to ascertain the exact conversation. Pomeyo just said they told his brother sorry. That was very considerate of them. We don’t hold any animosity towards them we just want the charges dropped and a hearing to get the custody of Bugsy back.

I can understand the immediate outcry and hate for what has happened since it seemed it was done intentionally. Yes even if it was an accident it was irresponsible and idiotic. Bugsy has been suffering and will require lots of help and love. I believe Pompeyo and his father (whom Pompeyo was given the dog for as company to his father while Pompeyo worked his normal job with me) Pompeyo says its his dog. Pompeyo is concerned for his puppy and is very upset over the injuries to his little buddy. Thank goodness he’s to heal and we (Pompeyo his Friends and family) plan to help Bugsy continue to get the necessary treatment he needs when the authorities will allow. They have had Bugsy 3 months and hes 4 months old now.

Thank you for your time in reading this and your love for animals like Bugsy. I hope it was understandable and this is not an excuse for what happened this is just clearly what accidentally happened. As I stated at the beginning Pompeyo will have his day in court, and Yes we are hoping the charges will be dropped since it looks like a false arrest do to miscommunication and a lack of correct information.

God bless,
Derrick Chadwick
Supervisor, good friend of Pompeyo Moralas and owner of a 10 month old golden Lab named Chester.

This does not make what happened right but it does give us something to think about. One thing that we can definitely be thankful for is that Bugsy is expected to make a full recovery!

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