It’s not news to most dog and pet owners about the dog and pet food recalls that killed and sickened thousands and thousands of our furbabies but one of the saddest things over and above that is that the poor food regulations not only harm and kill our pets, they do the same to us!

Tell Congress: Stop Starving Our Food Safety System!

Tainted pet food from China may have caused the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats. Last fall, California spinach contaminated with a deadly strain of E. coli bacteria caused at least three deaths and landed hundreds of people in the hospital. You may have recently thrown out peanut butter due to reported salmonella contamination.

Congress has been cutting back the FDA, the agency responsible for the safety of vegetables and processed food, for over a decade. Now the agency inspects only about 1 percent of food shipments entering the country and visits US food processing facilities only about once every 5 to 10 years.

Our food safety system is fragmented, underfunded and antiquated. We need more inspection, better labeling, and stronger standards. Congress is beginning to consider reforms–lawmakers need to know that you care about ensuring the safety of your food. Send a quick message today!


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