This severely neglected, starved, pregnant dog was abandoned This severely neglected, starved and pregnant dog was abandoned, tied to a fence outside a closed animal shelter in Paterson, New Jersey more than a week ago. She gave birth to eight puppies. Sadly, but not surprisingly considering her starved state and the freezing temps she endured, six of the eight newborn puppies died.

It was Saturday, the shelter was closed and it was only 15 degrees outside.  A good Samaritan found the dog after she was abandoned and stayed by her side  animal control officer John DeCando got to the shelter about 10 minutes later.

The momma dog and her two surviving puppies were taken in by the shelter and are being cared for. Kim Deslande, a dog groomer with a big heart, is now the dog’s guardian. After they are recovered they will be put up for adoption.

In the meantime, authorities want to find out the cold hearted and callous person who left this severely neglected dog in the freezing cold to give birth to her puppies.

A $7,500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of the owner, who could face a $20,000 fine and five years in jail if convicted.

Anyone with information is asked to call 973-881-3640.

Anyone interesting in adopting the dogs can call the Save the Animals Rescue Team at 201-797-8861.

Source – 7 Online

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