Guess, priority mailed puppy

UPDATE 2/7/11 – Champion Loses Custody of Priority Mail Puppy – VIDEO

Last Tuesday 39-year old Stacey Champion of Minneapolis had a package to mail to Georgia so she went to the post office and spent $22 to send it priority mail.  When asked about the contents she just said that it was a gift and to be careful with it, it was fragile, a robot and it might make some sounds, not to worry.  Didn’t take long for postal workers to get suspicious after Champion left when the box moved and some very strange sounds came from inside, sounded like something breathing in there.  They guessed it was a puppy which was scary because the box was wrapped and taped up tight, no air holes.

After they got permission to open the box, out popped a, no doubt scared, little 4-month-old Schnauzer/Poodle mix puppy.  There was no food or water in the box either and if postal workers hadn’t paid attention and actually shipped the box, it would have been loaded on an unheated and unpressurized cargo area in the plane.  This cute little puppy, who’s been dubbed “Guess”, would not have stood a chance at survival!

I am trying to wrap my mind around how anyone could do something like this?  Stupidity? Ignorance? Mental defect? Something more sinister?

Well Guess in now in the custody of animal control and aside from being very thirsty when released, seems to be doing just fine, thankfully!

Champion has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and could face more charges, serious federal charges for trying to ship a live animal via US Mail.

Now here’s the real kicker, Champion actually went back to the post office to demand her $22 back that she paid for shipping and she also wanted the money that was on the puppy’s collar as part of the gift, she said she didn’t care about the package, they could keep the package ie. the puppy, she just wanted the money, needless to say she didn’t get either. She does have 10 days to appeal and try to get the puppy back but doesn’t sound to me like she’s interested.  Doesn’t sound to me like she deserves to have anything to do with this furbaby or any other for that matter!

Thank goodness for some observant and thinking postal workers!  Good luck to Guess, may you find a wonderful forever home and as for Stacey Champion, next time you want to take a trip have someone box you up and ship you priority mail!

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