marcus_luttrellMarcus Luttrell is a former US Navy SEAL, an American hero and the only survivor of the deadliest battle the SEALs have ever faced.  His was also the owner of a well loved yellow lab named Daisy until some punks were out joyriding and getting their thrills by killing.

We know that no dog is ever “just a dog” but even as dogs go, Daisy was special.  She was a therapy dog that was a gift to Luttrell as he lay in his hospital bed recovered from horrific wound sustained in battle in Afghanistan.  Her name was a acronym that stood for the names of four of the men in his unit.

lutrell_daisyOn the night in question Marcus Luttrell heard gunshots and after checking on his mother, grabbed his gun and took off out of his Texas home.  He tracked the commotion to a roadside ditch where he saw what was going on; four young punks laughing over the brutally shot and killed body of his dog, Daisy. The punks had taken Daisy, who was a friendly dog, from her home, dragged her to the road and shot her with a .357.

edmondsYou can imagine the pain, grief and anger he must have felt watching these punks laughing over Daisy’s body; Daisy, his best friend, the dog he thought of as his “daughter,” his connection to his fallen comrades and friends.

The punks, two identified as Michael Edmonds, who is on the run and Alfonso Hernandez, who has been arrested and charged, started running then.  Luttrell got in his truck and chased them across four counties, keeping in touch with authorities who whole time.  There was numerous times that Luttrell could have shot them and didn’t, although you will see in the interview below, he wanted to.

hernandezIn Huntsville, TX,  a roadblock was set and the four punks were apprehended, stil laughing and they actually threatened Luttrell’s life.

Unfortunately only 2 of the 4 were charged, the remaining two were seen as “bystanders” even though they stood by laughing.

Alfonso Hernandez was charged with animal cruelty and if convicted faces up to two years in prison but Michael Edmonds is on the run and authorities want him caught.

If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Texas Rangers in Huntsville, Texas at: (936) 435-0152 and ask for Sgt. Steven Jeter.

If you been around this website for any length of time, you know that I have great respect for our soldiers and troops and support them. Sure, there are some bad apples but I believe most of them put their heart in the defense of our country. Most are quiet heroes with untold stories of horrors and hardship but the ones that do stand out, Like Marcus Luttrell represent them all and when something like this happens it is a blow to them all.

My heart goes out to Marcus and my sincerest condolences on the loss of Daisy. No one should ever have to go through something like this.

As for the punks who did this, I wish he had gotten a few shots off. Maybe that’s cruel or heartless but it’s no less so than what they did. What the hell was going on in their minds, their obviously tiny, twisted little minds, to do something like this? These little bastards need to pay!

Watch the video below; Marcus is interviewed on the Glenn Beck program and tells in his own words what happened that night, then sign the petition.

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