Puppy Almost Cut in Half

See Update – 8/28/08 – No Charges to be Filed!

I read this disturbing story last week about this puppy found almost cut in half. He was supposedly found last Tuesday wandering near Edinburgh in Johnson County, Indiana. Police began their investigation to find out who did this to the puppy. The search eventually led right back to the woman who brought the dog to the Johnson County Animal Shelter claiming she found him, Dana Jones, 35.

Jones told police she put a harness on the puppy but it shrunk when she left the dog out in the rain. The shrinking caused the harness to cut into Benjamin’s skin. When Jones noticed the injury she said she panicked, removed the embedded harness from the dog and drove him into Johnson County to be picked up by animal care and control.

Police believe the embedded harness caused the puppy to suffer for some time.

“The harness was put on the dog as a pup. It’s about 7 months old now and it hasn’t been loosened. So it grew into the dogs skin, causing the lacerations,” said Officer Doyne Little Jr. with the Edinburgh Police Department.

The gaping wound that ran around the puppy’s body required dozens and dozens of stitches to close.Dana Jones

Jones said she lied because she just wanted to get the puppy help be couldn’t afford to. She also seems to have backpeddaled on the story of the harness.

“I was just trying to get the dog help,” Jones said. “That’s the only thing I wanted was to get him help.”

Speculation about who could be responsible for the dog’s injuries led to Jones’ admission, police said.

“She broke down crying and said she couldn’t go any further. She had to tell the truth. She was very remorseful,” said Doyne Little Jr., of Edinburgh police.

“It was an accident. The dog got tangled up and she was scared,” said Jones’ cousin, Cindi Campbell. “Yeah, she should have told the truth, but so many times you tell the truth and nobody believes you anyway.”

Jones has seven children and works two jobs. She told Jackson that she found the dog injured when she went to feed him and that she thinks the injuries are from his chain.

“I love the little dog. It’s a sweet little dog and I wouldn’t deliberately hurt him,” Jones said. “He got tangled. He struggled to get untangled and it cut into him.”

Veterinarians said Benjamin is expected to make a full recovery and will be put up for adoption once he is healthy enough. Hundreds of people have come forward hoping to adopt the dog.

Jones was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty and could also be charged with obstruction of justice. (The Indy Channel)

It’s a disturbing story and almost a deadly one for an innocent little puppy. Regardless of whether this injury was caused by a harness left on far too long or a chain he got tangled in, there was neglect at the very least.

This should never have happened. Her lying and flip-flopping on her stories does make it questionable about what really did happen. I’m thankful that she did at least get the puppy some help and hope that he won’t be going back to he anytime!

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