Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson and 6 month-old puppy, Karley

Update 2/13/09 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Suing the Owners of the Puppy He Killed

Update 12/23/08 – Glynn Johnson’s Puppy Killing Defense – VIDEO

Update 12/16/08 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Arrested… Finally!

Los Angeles County Assistant Fire Chief Glynn Johnson is in the hot spotlight after he beat a neighbor’s 6 month-old shepherd mix puppy so brutally he had to be put down.

On Monday evening, Jeff and Shelley Toole’s puppy, Karley, got out and went to visit neighbor, 24-yr-old Travis Staggs. Staggs lives one house over from the Toole’s and the house between belongs to Glynn Johnson. Staggs was walking the puppy home to the Toole’s when Johnson stepped in and told Staggs to give him the puppy, that he would take it home. Staggs wasn’t real happy but I guess you don’t argue with a guy when he’s a Fire Chief, a public official and a big guy and you’re a young guy just trying to do the right thing so Staggs reluctantly handed the puppy over to Johnson.

Staggs says that’s when Johnson just started beating the puppy for no reason.

Johnson hit the dog repeatedly with a closed fist, put his hands in the puppy’s mouth and tried to break its jaws, and eventually beat the dog over the head repeatedly with a large rock from the front yard.

Staggs tried to stop the brutal beating but couldn’t, Johnson shoved him way.

“He hit the dog in the face with a closed fist two times. He got on top of the dog and started beating her,” Staggs said.

“At that time I ran down my driveway, ran up his, tried to pull him off and his hands were in the dog’s mouth. He was trying to pull the dog’s jaws apart, breaking the dog’s jaws. He was prying her jaws apart and grabbed a rock and started beating her with a rock,” said Staggs.

Staggs said that’s when the dog managed to get away.

In the end, Karley was so severely injured that the Tooles had to have him humanely put down.

After Johnson’s attack on the puppy, the Toole family found the dog lying in a gully. The dog suffered a broken jaw, nose, crushed skull and lost an eye. The vet said she would have faced permanent brain damage before the family decided to put her to sleep.

“I’ve never seen a dog come in with that level of head injury,” said Dr. Howard. “I’ve seen pets who have been hit by cars and they were thrown by the car and suffered fractures to the nose or skull but I’ve never seen a case where their head was that badly damaged.”

Johnson admits he beat the puppy but says he was defending himself against a violent attack. Staggs said there was no attack, that Johnson just beat the puppy for no reason.

Authorities received two calls from the 17000 block of Armintrout Drive: one from a woman who said her husband was attacked by a dog, and another from a man who said his neighbor had beaten a dog, Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Barton said in a statement.

Police said Johnson was taken to a hospital for wrist and thumb injuries.

Jeff Toole said the thumb puncture occurred when Johnson grabbed Karley’s mouth and broke her jaw.

“There’s no explanation to me,” said Shelley Toole, the dog’s owner. “He intentionally, for one, went over to (our neighbor) Travis, who already had the puppy and was bringing her home, and took her. He, to me, had no intention of ever returning her. He intended to do her harm.”

Now the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office has to uncover the truth behind this. Did the puppy attack Glynn Johnson as he claims or did he just “in some kind of violent rage” beat Karley for no reason? If they find enough evidence that the dog beating was unwarranted, they will hand the case over to the district attorney for a possible animal cruelty charge, which is a felony.

Although an online biography for Glynn Johnson tells of a “stellar” 30-year career with the department including being an expert in counter-terrorism, the Tooles, 10 year neighbors of Johnson paint quite a different picture of the public official. The Tooles say there is a “history of violence” with Glynn Johnson, and deputies say they are looking into these claims as well.

“This man needs to go to prison for what he did,” says Shelley Toole. She adds, “Karley was my baby, and he took her away from me.”

“We are going to have to find another place to live,” Jeff Toole said.

The L.A. County Fire Department released this statement: “Given the nature of the allegations and the ongoing Riverside County Sheriff’s investigation, Chief Johnson has been placed on administrative leave (with pay). Once more facts are available, the Department will take appropriate action as warranted.”

Glynn Johnson Beats 6 Month-Old Puppy

On a side note, it was scary to read some of the comments that were posted with some of the news stories supposedly from others in the same neighborhood. Paints a picture of ongoing problems with him with other neighbors and their pets. And also that there were other things, problems, issues and incidents that were either never fully investigated or just sort of swept under the carpet. Very Scary!

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