Puppy beaten at the border Now what kind of a person would brutally beat, strangle, punch and throw an innocent and defenseless little puppy like this little girl here? Just another of this world’s sickos at work!

Border Patrol rescued this 10-12 week old terrier mix puppy that was left for dead after viewing security tapes that caught an unidentified man throw the puppy over the fence at the US-Mexico border. The video shows the man first tossing the puppy into the U.S. from Mexico over the fence about a half mile east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. He then jumps over the barrier and grabs the dog and begins to punch it in the head about 10 times with a closed fist, then tries to strangle her. He then picks up the struggling, tiny animal and slams it repeatedly against the fence.

“This is by far the most horrific video I have ever seen of an animal being abused,” said Dawn Danielsen, director of animal services.

John Carlson, deputy director with the county’s Animal Services said he has seen animals that have been injured by people but has never seen the abuse in progress as it was captured on the tape.

“I was astonished, I was disgusted, some of the stuff I was thinking you cannot print,” Carlson said after seeing the video.

At the Department of Animal Services shelter in Bonita, where the dog was taken to be treated and will stay until she is recovered, she was examined. It was found that she has multiple fractures of her right hind leg.

The puppy is doing well and has been named “Spirit.”

San Diego Animal Advocates and the Animal Rescue and Protection League have offered a $2,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction. Tipsters are advised to call (619) 767-2624.

They say they should be able to identify the man from the surveillance camera and if he is apprehended, they would work to charge him with felony animal cruelty.

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