Lauren MastersonIt’s sad enough when someone gets a dog and then confines it to a chain or yard all it’s life but can someone in their right mind possibly tell me why anyone would get a puppy then stick it in a closet to live for 8 or 10 months until it died from the heat?  Well, that’s just what Lauren Masterson, 20, of Beaverton, OR did!

She got a little rat terrier puppy and that tiny little puppy, Milo, lived in a 3′ by 4′ patio storage closet in her apartment until it died recently from the heat. Oh, she said she took the puppy out to play with it occasionally but complained the the puppy always did its business in the closet so that it was constantly filled with urine and feces.

When she found the puppy dead, she just dumped it in the trash.

Amazingly, she actually did contact the police, thinking she may have been responsible for the puppy’s death… duh!! Now why would be be responsible? She only confined a puppy to a dark, stinking hole for months on end, leaving it to suffer and languish in the summer heat until it died… stupid waste of life!

She was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, sadly only a misdemeanor, released the next day and will appear in court On August 10.

Now this POS will get her little slap on the wrist, a fine, maybe probation but she will never face the hell that tiny puppy suffered through its whole short life. There will never be justice and Masterson will be free to do the same thing again! God forbid she ever have children, one can only imagine what they will face at her hands. This poor puppy is now free from her cruelty and abuse, but what about her next victim…. will there be one and who or what will it be?? What a scary thought!

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