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Puppy Dead After Being Stolen, Forced to Fight – VIDEO

Kodi, 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy, stolen and forced to fight by neighbors, dead

It’s always heart wrenching when a beloved pet is lost or stolen. You wonder where they are, how they are doing, if they are safe and being care for. For on Paris, TN family, the answers to these questions came four days after their beloved 8 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Kodi, went missing, and the answers were a nightmare!

This is the pitbull that was forced to fight and kill Jennifer Davis stolen puppy, Kodi. His fate is still undecided.

This is the pitbull that was forced to fight and kill Jennifer Davis' stolen puppy, Kodi. His fate is still undecided.

Jennifer Davis’ puppy, Kodi, went missing on Friday and four days later his body was found behind a neighbor’s home. That’s when Jennifer found out, all too sadly, what happened to her sweet, playful puppy.

Three neighbors stole her dog, tied it to a tree and forced it to fight a pitbull for their own sick fun and thrills. Jennifer was told what happened by the youngest of the three who stole her dog for their brutal sport.

“The subjects actually tied a golden they tied the retriever and pit-bull together. They were kicking and pushing the dog’s heads’ together, in different forms of torture to entice the dogs to fight,” said Sheriff Belew.

One of the suspects, Andrew Tomlin, was in police custody Thursday night. Two others, James Taylor and a juvenile have not been arrested yet.

All three are charged with felony dog-fighting. The pit-bull is being kept at the Henry County Animal Shelter. No decision has been made about its future.

I cannot begin to imagine what this poor dog must have felt and thought. A sweet and pampered family dogs, used to playing and being loved, being forced to fight, to try to defend itself. And Jennifer will forever be left with the picture of her beautiful dog, beaten and broken, just for the thrill of some twist and twisted pieces of trash!!

Puppy Stolen, Forced to Fight


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