Puppy decapitated It would have to take a very sick and twisted person to steal a puppy, decapitate it then return the body back to where they stole it from but that’s exactly what Tim Speaks of Dallas, TX, believes happened.

On Saturday morning all four of his little lab/rottie puppies were just fine, running around the yard and playing.  When he returned that afternoon, things weren’t so fine anymore.

One of his puppies had been decapitated and whoever did it kept the head.  Speaks believes that, because there was so little blood, whoever did it, took the puppy from the yard, did the cruel, evil deed, then returned the body, and he wants to know who did it.

“She was laying in the yard,” he said. “She was still warm. He’s sick, if I find him, I won’t need the police.”

Now he takes the rest of the puppies with him when he goes anywhere, not trusting the neighborhood or people, worried that he may have enemies because he calls the police and reports crimes.

“You’ve got too much drugs and prostitution around here,” he said. “I’ve been trying to stop it.”

If the person who did this is found, they face felony animal cruelty charges.

“It makes me real mad,” Speaks said. “It’s gonna be hard to find out who done it.”

If this was someone trying to get back at Speaks, this is just beyond cruel. To kill a defenseless and innocent little puppy, for any reason, takes someone who has no heart and someone with a potential to commit even worse crimes, as if this wasn’t horrific enough.

Puppy Decapitated

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