9 Month Old puppy, beaten and duct taped What kind of a sick and twisted person would do something so cruel and vicious as to duct tape a puppy’s front and hind legs, wrap tape around it’s head and beat it almost to death?

That’s what some farm workers found this morning off the roadway near a hops field close to the intersection of VanSlyke and Middle roads in Canyon County, Idaho.

The puppy, a shepherd mix, approximately 9 months old was alive when found but severely injured and a large amount of blood was found near the neck and head of the dog. Due to the extent of his injuries he was euthanized at Canyon County Animal Shelter.

There are no suspects at this time and if even they do find the piece of trash that did this, animal cruelty in Idaho is only a misdemeanor. They are continuing to investigate and hope to also find out if the puppy had an owner.

If anyone has information regarding this situation contact the Canyon County Sheriff’s office at 208-454-7531.

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