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For the Love of the Dog

Puppy Found Dead in Oven in Green Bay, WI Home – VIDEO


UPDATE 4/8/09 – Puppy Killer Arrested

Update 4/5/09 – Search on for Man Charged with Killing Puppy in Oven

It’s hard enough to come home and find your house broken into, burglarized but when those lowlifes resort to heinous and malicious cruelty, it just makes no sense. For one Green Bay woman, a horror awaited her return home.

When Alex Rouse entered a smoky house, her first thought was a furnace problem.  Ruling that out next was the oven but what she found there will, no doubt, forever haunt her.  Her 5 month-old Pekingese/poodle puppy named Hulk had been stuffed in the oven and it was turned on.

“That dog meant everything to me,” Rouse said. “That dog went everywhere with me.”

Police don’t know if the puppy was placed in the oven while it was alive or not as yet but they are investigating and taking this crime very seriously.

“That’s something that you want to catch very quickly and put a stop to before it escalates,” explained Captain Karl Fluery.

What kind of a sick person could do something like this? Either kill the puppy then bake it in the oven or tortuously kill it in the oven… either way, unbelievable!  I can’t even look at my babies and fuss that them.  They give me those “eyes” and I am done in.  For someone to maliciously hurt and kill a tiny puppy, they must have no heart.   A monster who could do this is a serious danger to society… remove him!

Green Bay Woman Find Puppy in Oven

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