Anthony WalkerSeven dogs tortured, one dead and the convicted abuser/killer spent only eight months in county jail and the conditions of his sentencing will allow this monster to own dogs again in the future.  Anthony Walker left three 3-week-old tortured and mutilated pitbull puppies on the railroad tracks last September, two survived, sadly one sucumbed to its injuries. One of the surviving puppies lost its paw.  Then, over the winter, Walker left several pitbulls in the back of a U-Haul truck.  When the dogs were found after some time, they were freezing, emaciated and dehydrated.  One of the dogs was seriously ill.

For his crimes, Anthony Walker was sentenced to only 6 months in jail and 5 years probation.  A primary condition of that probation term was supposed to be that he not possess or reside with animals.  That was the reason, in theory, that the DA did not push for the max two year sentence, there would have been no restrictions upon release. Trampling that restriction into the dust before Walker left the courthouse, the judge signed an order allowing Walker to live with his mother upon his release knowing that she had a dog.

railroad puppiesI can imagine you’re asking, “How could something like this possibly happen?”

Simplest answer?  The judicial system is broken…

In this case, Walker was allowed to plead guilty to one Count of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, an unclassified felony,  the state’s animal abuse felony known as Buster’s Law.  In return for this plea, all other charges were dropped.  And since Walker had already spent 8 months in jail, with his sentence of only 6 months, he was  allowed walk free.

As Walker left court, he showed no remorse, only complaining that nothing was his fault, and giving everyone the finger.

This is NOT justice!  Not only does Walker not have any remorse, he doesn’t even think he did anything wrong!

3 U-Haul DogsOn a lighter note… the two surviving puppies from the railroad, Pearl and Hudson, were adopted into wonderful loving homes as were the four pitbull that were abandoned in the back of the U-Haul.

“We are disappointed in the sentence that was given to this person. However, we realize that in order to have stiffer penalties, the animal cruelty laws need to be tougher,” the family that adopted Hudson stated. “We feel that the horrific nature of the crimes that were perpetrated on the railroad puppies and the four U-Haul dogs deserves more than what this individual received. We have no doubt he is a sociopath, will be a repeat offender and probably escalate to something worse.”





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