terry-kleimanTerry Kleiman, the Green Bay, WI man who has been accused of putting his girlfriend, Alex Rouse’s, 5-month-old puppy, Hulk, in the oven and killing, it has been arrested.  According to court records, Kleiman has been charged with felony counts of mistreatment of animals and burglary.

In November, Alex Rouse returned to her home. not to puppy cuddles and kisses but to find her puppy stuffed in the oven, dead. Kleiman, who had complained about the puppy and actually joked about putting it in the oven was identified in February by DNA. Police have been on the search for him since then.

Kleiman was angry at Rouse because of a recent break-up and wanted to get back at her.  He also told friends that he hated the puppy because he was allergic to it.

In an interview at the end of January he told police that he was at Rouse’s home about an hour before she returned home to find the dog.  He also told at least two friends, who verified the story, about going to the house and and putting the dog in the oven.

Kleiman, 31, a 6’10”, 400-lb superheavyweight Gladiator fighter was apprehended near Escanaba, Michigan and will be extradited to Brown County, WI where he will be charged.

Wow, big tough guy isn’t he? Kills a tiny little puppy after he jokes about it. The only ring this guy belongs in is behind bars.

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