Glynn Johnson

Update 2/13/09 – Puppy Killer, Glynn Johnson, Suing the Owners of the Puppy He Killed

To no one’s surprise, Glynn Johnson, through one of his three lawyers, pleaded not guilty to the felony animal cruelty charge in which he beat his neighbors’ 6 month-old puppy so brutally that is had to be euthanized.

In his defense, he and his lawyers continue to use the phrases “vice-like” grip and “shredding,” as in the puppy was shredding his hand. And they claim Johnson used only as much force as necessary.  Yeah, I guess it’s really necessary to pound a puppy in the head with a 12-lb rock, over and over and over again, and that’s after beating it with a fist and prying and breaking it’s jaws.

I am still stuck on why did he even take the puppy from neighbor, Travis Staggs, who was taking Karley home without a problem. Johnson says he was trying to save Staggs the trip around the property but the big problem here is that there was no love lost between Glynn Johnson and the Toole’s.  The Toole’s believe that Johnson shot another of their dogs with an air or pellet gun previously.  So there’s was definitely “bad blood” between them.

If you are in a dispute with someone, are you going to go out of your way to do something for them.  Not likely.

Anyway…. after Johnson exited the court, he was served with a civil lawsuit by the Toole’s.  The family plans to wait until after the criminal trial to pursue the civil suit.  Johnson’s lawyer, Sweeney, says even though he hasn’t reviewed the civil suit, it won’t stand up any more than the criminal case is going to.

Guess time will tell……

A group of retired LA Firemen have created a fund to help with legal expenses for the Tooles.  That’s right, the Tooles, not Glynn Johnson.  That kind of says something in itself when rather than back and support “one of their own” they are actually supporting the family who is bringing charges against a fellow firefighter.

If you’ve been following this story from the beginning, especially wading through the hundreds and hundreds of comments that have been posted on numerous news stories, you would have seen a common thread running through.  Glenn Johnson is not a well liked man, not by neighbors, not by co-workers and underlings and certainly not by anyone who has been following this story. Sure, he’s got friends and family and obviously money to hire three lawyers but there really aren’t that many people weighing in on his side by popular opinion.

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