Vet Forced to Remove Puppy’s Ears After Abusive Home Ear Cropping Attempt

Puppy's ears infected and rotted, vet forced to remove them A 10 week old female Lab puppy was cruelly abused by someone attempting to crop her ears by wrapping rubber bands around them, a crude method sometimes used in home cropping.

The puppy was found wandering on North Perry Street in Pontiac, MI. Pontiac’s animal control officer took the puppy to the Oakland Pet Adoption Center where staffers were aghast at the shape she was in. Her ears were wrapped in heavy rubber bands and severely infected. One was in such bad shape and so rotted that the ear literally fell off when the rubber band was removed.The puppy's ear were surgically removed

Within hours of the puppy’s arrival, a veterinarian removed both of her ears surgically and she’s now recovering with pain killers and antibiotics.

Now, they’re issuing a plea to the public, including those operating the illegal, underground traffic in fighting dogs: Please do not try to use rubber bands to cut off the blood circulation to a dog’s ears, hoping that they will just drop off someday with no harm to the overall health of the dog.

Instead, those who try such a mutilating tactic run a high risk of causing major, even fatal, infections to their dogs, officials said.

“People do this to make a dog look meaner or use it in fighting,” she said. The owner of this pup, a stray found in Pontiac, may have thought it was a pit bull, since Labrador retrievers are not fighting dogs, Kara Beyerlein, communications director for Oakland County’s animal shelter said. (Detroit Free Press)

By Friday, the puppy was getting settled into a foster home where she’ll recover and recuperate and then they’ll try to find a forever home for the sweet natured girl.

“It’s a delightful little pup. We’re grateful that its temperament wasn’t damaged by this at all,” manager of the Oakland County Pet Adoption Center, Larry Obrecht said, adding: “Now, we’re going to try to find a family willing to take this dog as their pet” – even without ears.

Initially they thought they would have a hard time finding adopters for the puppy with the missing ears.

“Now, this dog is going to look a little weird. It’s going to grow up without any ears. But she’s just a doll. We really hope someone takes it,” said Obrecht who initially was hesitant to release the graphic photos but decided to in hope that it would show people and discourage them from ever doing something so cruel.

As for the puppy, it doesn’t look as if there’s going to be any problem finding a home for her, by Friday afternoon, the animal shelter had received more than 30 calls from people who want the dog, ears or no ears.

It’s great,” Obrecht said.

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