Puppy killed at Caddo Animal Shelter What a damn shame, to put it mildly! Shreveport Police Officer Ron DeBello rescued this tiny beagle mix puppy from under a house on Henderson Avenue. He fell in love with the little guy and when he showed a picture of the puppy to his wife and children, so did they. They decided to adopt him if no one claimed him and even named him K-9.

Officer DeBello took the puppy to Caddo Animal Shelter to be checked out and told them that is no one claimed the puppy after the week waiting period he wanted to adopt him.

The week goes by and no one claims the puppy. Officer Debello goes to Caddo Animal Shelter to pick up his furry new family member that he and is family have been excitedly waiting for…. but where’s the puppy??

DeBello and shelter workers looked all over, in all the cages but when they found the little guy, it was too late. His body was found in the freezer, he’d been killed. “Lost in the system” is the excuse that a perfectly healthy, practically adopted puppy lost his life.

Caddo Animal Shelter has been under fire in the recent past for killing large numbers of perfectly adoptable pets but there was hope that things had changed.

Director Matt Pepper says as unfortunate as it sounds, the puppy somehow got lost in the system. Pepper says it’s one of many regrettable issues he’s addressed since he’s taken over. He says he’s already implemented new practices that will hopefully keep this from happening again. (KTBS)

Sadly, these changes are too little and too late for this little puppy and the family that so looked forward to sharing their home with him. Hopefully the DeBello family will save some other puppy from Caddo that was lucky enough not to be ‘accidently’ euthanized.

I get so angry when I hear stories like this and so many others that showcase problems at shelters. Most of the animals that unfortunately wound up in these places of last resort are already so down on their luck and have been through hell, is it really so difficult to take the time to care for them properly and humane?? I know that many shelters are overcrowded and shorthanded but there have to be some safeguards in place and people need to be accountable and responsible so things like this and man other horror stories I have heard about some shelters do not happen!


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