puppy_mill_victimOne of the puppy millers on the HSUS’s Horrible Hundred list has given up their license after receiving fines for violations ranging from neglect to failure to provide veterinary care. The commercial breeder aka puppy miller, is Debra Pratt and her Iowa facility came under scrutiny in April after she auctioned off over 300 dogs at her farm in New Sharon, many of them showing serious signs of neglect and abuse.

Reports of the neglect and abuse, of dogs having deformities, of eyes missing,  bulging eyes and dog’s head covered in scabs and more, was brought to the attention of the Mahaska County Attorney. Deputies sent to the facility found conditions so filthy and deplorable that the sanitation department was called in, and this is not the first time that Debra Pratt’s facility has come under scrutiny.

PuppyMillMaltese1According to inspection reports, it’s nothing new.  In 2010, Pratt was cited for inadequate veterinarian care, like eye problems and skin irritations.  Housing facilities weren’t up to par.  In one instance, three Pugs were kept in an enclosure measuring just 18 inches.  The minimum requirement:  12 square feet.  The inspector also noted a large number of flies and a noticeable ammonia odor.

As recently as March, inspectors found significant health problems in more than three dozen dogs. (whotv)

According to a recent USDA report, Iowa now ranks second  in the country, behind Missouri, in the number of commercial dog breeders, 8 of which are listed on the HSUS’s Horrible Hundred report.

As for Debra Pratt, initially a hearing was planned for Thursday to address these violations but Pratt and the Iowa Department of Agriculture reached a settlement agreement.  Yup, that’s right, basically she plead out for a measly fine of $7,000, which scarily enough is one of the highest fine ever imposed. A measly $7,200 fine for someone who has made thousands and tens of thousands no doubt, literally on the bruised and broken bodies of innocent dogs and puppies.  And she relinquished her license… for three years.

To me, this really doesn’t sound like much of a victory… a measly fine and a brief hiatus from brutalizing “man’s best friend”… where is the justice?

HSUS Horrible Hundred Report

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