8 Week Old Puppy Chews Off Leg to Escape When Richard Arendale stopped to check on his Memphis, TN, rental property, he didn’t expect what he found. His tenants, Jeremy Wolverton and Ruby Perkins had abandoned the property and the pile of junk they left behind at first glance was only the beginning.

Tied to a post in the yard, a very disturbing sight; an eight week old puppy, with an electrical cord wrapped around her little legs so tightly that she had actually chewed off one of her paws to try to free herself.

“When I turned her loose, she drank like she hadn’t had anything to drink in weeks,” said Arendale.

The puppy was taken to Northgate Animal Hospital Veterinarian where due to the severity of the injury, its leg had to be amputated at the hip. Named Spunky, the resilient little girl was also starved, dehydrated and full of hook worms.

Not only did Arendale find the puppy abandoned at the house, he also he found a dog’s jawbone in the driveway. And when he went inside the house he found feces, urine, food stains, garbage, and five crack pipes.

Arendale says on one occasion, he went to check on the house and noticed two dog carcasses in the back yard. When Arendale asked the renters about the dead dogs, they said the animals were not theirs.

According to Arendale, the couple had three young children living with them. He says the couple owed $4,000 in back rent.

Ruby Perkins, one of the tenants, told Eyewitness News Everywhere that she was renting that house, but was living off and on with her father. Perkins also says she did not have a dog. She says that squatters could have done the damage that Arendale claims she did. (MyEyewitnessNews)

As for little Spunky, she’ll do just fine with three legs, has a wonderful demeanor and should recover from her amputation in a couple of weeks. Very lucky for her, Arendale checked on his property otherwise this is one story that may not have a chance at a happy ending.

Puppy Left to Die Chews Off Leg to Escape

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