Tortured puppy Some sick bastard out there duct taped a 4 month old puppy’s mouth, poured accelerant on it and lit it on fire in Lima, Ohio and now police are searching for the trash who did this “senseless and cruel” act.

A family found this little puppy as a stray and fell in love with it, decided to keep it as a pet. Last Thursday at about 3 am, the family at the 100 block of South Pine Street called the police after seeing a fire in their backyard. That fire was the puppy they rescued from the streets.

“The person or people responsible for torturing this puppy need to be brought to justice,” Allen County Dog Warden Julie Shellhammer said. “We are currently working with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau, an arson investigator and CrimeStoppers.”

The tortured puppy died the following day from its horrific injuries.

A first-time offense is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Oh, that’s great… you tortured and killed an innocent and defenseless puppy, get a slap on the wrist then get to go back out on the streets. Maybe you can improve your technique, hell, a puppy’s not too much of a challenge, maybe a kid would be better next time.

When are these people who make the laws ever going to understand that anyone who does something like this is on the road to more serious and violent crimes, as if this wasn’t bad enough!!

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