Tortured Puppy What an absolute horror story. This little 7 month old mixed-breed puppy was found shot, burned, starving, bleeding and in pain in the front yard of a home on Jones Road in Theodore, Alabama. Someone had shot both of its front legs, one had been burned and the dog was severely malnourished.

When found, the puppy’s wounds were infected and it was so weak it could barely lift its head. Due to the extreme severity of the wounds the poor puppy had to be euthanized.

If caught, the person who caused the injuries could be charged with first-degree cruelty to a dog or cat, a Class C felony under Alabama law, according to Miranda. A conviction carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Needless to say, Mobile County animal Control is looking for information on who did this and/or who owned this poor dog. Anyone with information is asked to call 251-574-3230.

Please keep in mind, anyone who could so callously and cruelly torture an innocent and helpless creature, could possibly do the same to person, a child. If you know anything, call the number and tell them. This puppy’s suffering is over but you may save a life or someone else from suffering in the future. Cruelty is not a sport!

Source – WKRG

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