Puppy was tossed in dumpster This tiny little 10 week old puppy is recovering after being rescued from a Madera apartment complex Dumpster in Fresno. “Unbelievable. I think it’s really sad because I don’t know how long the puppies been in the dumpster,” said resident Melissa Vasquez.

And the saddest part is that ‘Zoey’ as this sweet baby was named, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to puppy problems. Madera County Animal Services Director Kirsten Gross said that problems are only going to get worse with ‘puppy season’ arriving with spring.

The Madera County shelter which usually has about 600 puppies and kittens coming through a month expects to see about 900 a month for the next couple of months. Just in the past week they’ve has three litters of puppies dropped off. Tiny babies desperately in need of homes left at an already overcrowded shelter.

The Madera County shelter and other area shelters have provisions for people to drop off unwanted pet anonymously and far too many people do. When are people ever going to learn that having a pet means taking responsibilty for it, having it spayed or neutered to cut down on the problems or so many unwanted puppies and kittens. A huge percentage of these babies never find homes.

When are people going to understand these these are living, breathing, feeling creatures, not to be tossed in the trash like unwanted garbage or passed off to be someone else’s problems and far too often killed for a lack of homes.

Please, please, please people, take responsibility!! Stop breeding death through your lack of caring and heart.

Trashed Puppy

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