Here’s some updates on a few cases that I’ve previously covered; we’ve got a small measure of justice, some potential justice and what will probably amount to a slap on the wrist but at least justice in a guilty verdict.

Dogfighting Ring at Daycare Center
Jimmy Lovell and the Little Brown Dog Dragging
Senior Convicted of Beating Dog to Death – VIDEO

IL Dogfight - Lance Webb

Lance Webb

IL Dogfight - Martez Anderson

Martez Anderson

Dogfighting Ring at Daycare Center

In September a dogfighting ring was busted at a Maywood, IL home daycare center where 10 children were being cared for just feet from where fighting dogs were secured. Three houses were raided, three men arrested and of course they all denied any involvement despite the evidence of the scarred and injured dogs and dogfighting equipment.

Well, at least two of the three wastes of life will be spending time behind bars after being sentenced. Martez Anderson, 38, received a sentence of two years and Lance Webb, 27, 18 months. The third suspect, Charles Sutton, 42, is still in jail awaiting trial in January.

While the sentences never seem to fir the crimes, I guess we can be thankful they are off the streets for some time at least and hopefully once they’re back out someone will be keeping an eye on them.


Jimmy Lovell Jimmy Lovell and the Little Brown Dog Dragging

Yesterday Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Patricia Long sent the case against Jimmy Lovell to the grand jury for felony animal cruelty indictment charges. She found that there was sufficient evident that a crime was committed, that this was no accident and that Lovell intentionally dragged his estranged girlfriend’s terrier mix dog on Nov. 3.

This is excellent news, there may be justice for Little Brown dog yet!

As for Little Brown Dog, not only may she get justice, she’s doing fantastic and should soon be getting a forever home.

Little Brown Dog2“Everything looks great. Her last bandage was removed this week. She was spayed on Monday. She just looks fantastic. Her progression through wound healing has been nothing short of miraculous. She’s just done everything she was supposed to do along the way,” Dr. Patricia Sura said.

Changes are good that her new home will be with one of the staff at University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine. She’s definitely stolen hearts since she’s been there and endeared herself to everyone.

“I think she’ll find a ‘forever’ home with our family here, for sure. Somebody from our vet school will end up taking her. She’s just been here so long and has become a fixture. She’s gotten attached to folks,” Sura said.

So things are looking positive all the way around on this one.


James Mills Senior Convicted of Beating Dog to Death – VIDEO

In court on Thursday, James Mills, Sr. was found guilty of brutally beating his son’s girlfriend’s dog, a 9-year-old rottweiler mix named Penny, to death with a metal fence post. If you watch the video, you’ll see how he calmly and emotionlessly showed how he used the metal post, or at least says how he did anyway.

Mills maintained that he didn’t beat Penny, just poked her a few times to try to get her out of the way so he could give her water. His story doesn’t hold up with the facts at all.

“She wouldn’t slow down and she was going completely wild, so I got that fence post and I poked her in the hind quarters,” he testified.

“I was trying to get her away from that water bucket, so I could put water in, and the way she was acting, that was out of the question,” Mills told the court.

Penny’s owner, Tammy Sturdivant, told the court that Mills didn’t like Penny and threatened to harm her previously.

“He did not like her at all….because he used to say ‘I hate that dog,'” Sturdivant testified.

Obviously Wadsworth Municipal Judge Stephen McIlvaine didn’t buy Mill’s story either because he convicted him of one count of animal cruelty. Sentencing will take place on January 25 and Mill could face up to 6 months in jail but I wouldn’t hold my breath for much of a sentence. In Ohio, animal laws leave much to be desired so while there is some justice in that this vicious trash was convicted, I wouldn’t except much justice.

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