Ok, I don’t know why it is that some of these morning radio show ‘personalities’ have the need to be ‘shock jocks’ and be controversial or just be plain assholes, but one guy in Florida definitely went overboard and he’s pissing off the wrong people.

I got the info on this earlier this week and then again yesterday and my friends, we really need to let our voices be heard on this one, all dog lovers and especially pitbull lovers and supporters.

This was from a radio station in Tampa, Florida, 102.5 The Bone and their morning show called the Cowhead Show, yup ‘Cowhead’, that’s actually the moniker this jerk goes by!

On my way to my son’s open house, I turned on my radio tuned to 102.5 The Bone.(vinal) 6pm. I was blow away when they were joking about PIT BULLS saying the only good pit bull was on e you yanked the teeth out of!!! They were bragging pit bull are an abomination from hell and they were all for B.S.L. I was already blown away when they just kept going on and on and on! “You only hear about pit bull when they terrorize people” “the world would be a safer place” “No pit Bull ever saved a child” “Just listen to the news!” By then , I just had enough and turned my radio off!

Nice… real nice, eh??

It’s bad enough to have to deal with the media hype and ignoramous politicoes and the rest of the stupid SOBs spouting off about stuff they have no clue about, then you’ve got this jerk, playing the big man, trying to be controversial, bashing a ‘breed’ of dog that’s already got enough going against them.

Time to bash the basher, let tell Cowhead… or was that Shithead… what we think of him and his oh so intelligent and thought provoking comments. Oh yes, let show him just how provoked we are.

Contact Info

102.5 The Bone – Website
The Cowhead Show – Webpage

Station Address:
11300 4th Street North
Suite 300
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Phone: (727) 579-2000
Fax: (727) 579-2271

Station Contacts:
Request Line – (800) 771-1025
Request Line – (727) 579-1025
Comments & Requests – 1025comments@coxtampa.com

Oh, I’m quite sure this idiot and his crew are just having a blast with this dubious notoriety since no doubt they have been getting calls and email for several days now. He’s probably laughing his ass off and thinks this is funny, not only making fun of pitbulls but all of us who love and support and are advocates for them. Maybe if we completely swamp the station, they won’t be laughing so hard for too long!

My friends, help get the word out!! Email this to everyone you know and ask them to spread the word too… email, write, call!

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