For all the background on the Jaime Glandon and Gabby story, please see – Euthanized Dog Found Four Days Later Alive in Freezer

You can view information on the first rally here

*Press Release*
Animal Rescue Volunteers and Concerned Rush County Residents Gear Up for “RALLY FOR REASON II” on Monday, December 17 at 5:00 PM at Courthouse and “SILENT PROTEST, WE STAND UNITED” at Rushville City Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 18 at 5:30 PM





Animal welfare and public pound reform advocates are poised to descend upon the small town of Rushville, Indiana yet again. Donning purple “Justice For Gabby & Jamie–Support Rushville Pound Reform” sweatshirts, they demand valid and lasting pound reform at the Rushville Animal Shelter.

Gabby, a four-month old puppy, was allegedly euthanized via a cruel method of euthanasia—a heartstick—and placed into a malfunctioning refrigeration unit by Animal Control Officer Jack Hill. Gabby, the “undead puppy” was discovered alive four days later by shelter assistant Jamie Glandon laying amongst dead puppies. Gabby was treated for her ordeal and placed with a rescue organization for her protection.

Gabby continues to recover, and Rushville city authorities have demanded her return. Why? She was treated as garbage once and now deserves a chance at life in a responsible home.

Monday, December 17th, from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM, Rally For Reason II participants will engage in a lawful rally and demonstration at the front of the Rush County Courthouse. Come to voice support for Gabby and Jamie. Tuesday, December 18th, join concerned animal welfare advocates as they attend the Rushville City Council Meeting in “Silent Protest, We Stand United” to support hero Jamie Glandon. (The City Council Meeting will be held adjacent to the Rushville Police Department at 270 W 15th Street, several blocks from the Courthouse.) Mayor Bridges may address the situation at the City Council Meeting. Worldwide support has poured in for Gabby and Jamie. Jamie, Gabby, and Rushville Animal Shelter reform have the backing of U.S. Animal Protection, a leading pound reform advocacy group.

Volunteers from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Georgia, along with Rush County concerned residents, will continue to monitor this until lasting reform occurs in Rushville. Rushville’s legacy continues to be one of shame, as Jimmy Miller has been temporarily placed in a position as an animal control officer. Miller faced controversy several years ago for his own brand of cruel “euthanasia”. Can you guess what the method was? (The method was rumored to have involved firearms.)

Has the situation gone from bad to worse in small-town Rushville? Please let Rushville’s Mayor Robert Bridges, know where you stand. Tell Mayor Bridges that the world is watching. E-mail him at: Telephone him at (765)932-3735. Offer solutions and encourage change. Demand that pound assistant Jamie Glandon stay re-instated at the Rushville Animal Shelter, without harassment or fear of reprisal. Without intervention, there is grave concern about how this chapter will end for companion animals interred at the Rushville Animal Shelter. Please read and sign the petition at: HERE.
Video coverage is available at: HERE

Written coverage of this story may be accessed at:
For all of the pets such as Gabby, and for all of the responsible pound personnel like Jamie Glandon, please support your local animal shelter or rescue group. Tirelessly encourage people to spay and neuter their pets. Do something to help stop the euthanasia of healthy companion animals in public shelters. Volunteer. Educate. Donate. Make a difference!
On the Streets, For the Animals,
A Volunteer
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“Being born of the human race instead of the animal kingdom does not give you more rights. It gives you more responsibilities.”
–Author Unknown

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