Iraqi Puppy Has a New Home in Minnesota

Well, Ratchet is finally home in Minneapolis where he belongs and will stay with Gwen Beberg’s parents until she comes home soon. He was met at the airport by Pat and Ted Beberg, Gwens’ parents, a coterie of media, many supporters, representative from Senator Norm Coleman’s office and even U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison himself.

After hitting the US Monday, it was a festive atmosphere with much rejoicing at finally having Ratchet home in Minneapolis. As for Ratchet, well, he wasn’t as impressed with everyone as they were with him. He even took a nap at the baggage claim after Operation Baghdad Pup’s manager, Terri Crisp, opened his crate and leashed him. That didn’t stop the media from taking their pictures as the pooped pooch snoozed.

For Gwen’s mom Pat, it was love at first site, “Oh, he looks wonderful,” she said. “I understand completely why Gwen is so attached to him.”

Ted, Gwen’s dad, is a dog obedience trainer and will take some time to work with the six month old puppy while waiting for Gwen to come home.

Ratchet will be under a 30 day quarantine in which he cannot leave the Beberg’s home and yard.

On her Facebook page, Spc. Beberg wrote that Ratchet’s arrival in Minnesota is a dream come true.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift to come home to or a more valuable friend to call my own. I can’t wait for everyone to meet this remarkable puppy!”

She said she planned to have Ratchet certified as a therapy dog so she could bring him “to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, the VFW, military retirement homes, and other places to spread his joy and love.”

What a wonderful ending to a story fraught with ups and downs. In the end there is no doubt it will all have been worth it to Gwen with she comes home around New Year’s Eve to join her family and the newest four legged furry member!

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