Rawlings has become the fourth endorser to cut ties with Michael Vick over the dogfighting allegations leveled against him.

“Rawlings recognizes that Mr. Vick has not been convicted of the charges stemming from his recent indictment,” the St. Louis-based sporting goods company said in a press release on its Web site. “However, we have determined that ending our relationship with Mr. Vick at this time is necessary.”

Rawlings didn’t provide specifics of its relationship with Vick in its release. David Zumbach, the company’s vice president of marketing, didn’t immediately return a voicemail message left at his office.

“Rawlings is disappointed about the charges brought forth against Mr. Vick for his alleged participation in a dog-fighting operation,” the company added. “Dog fighting is illegal and entirely unacceptable to Rawlings.”

Nike Inc. and Reebok International Ltd. suspended sales of Vick signature apparel on July 27. One day later Upper Deck Co., a maker of sports memorabilia, said it would stop putting cards featuring Vick in its collections in the future. (Bloomberg)

To read the entire 19 page indictment, download it HERE

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