Bestro Chicken Jerky StripsWalmart recently voluntarily pulled Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips off it’s shelves after a report from a Delaware woman that her dog died suddenly after eating them. There has been no public announcement and the FDA is apparently unaware of this.

The Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips, made in China, were quietly removed and there’s no telling how many more packages of the contaminated food is still out there.

Kate Collins of Aston lost her chihuahua, 2 yr old Bella last month after feeding her the treat. She was dead within a week and an autopsy showed that Bella died of an infection caused by toxic bacteria.

There’s no word how many complaints have been made but an Internet search shows similar incidents across the country. Wonder why the FDA hasn’t gotten into this especially after the major dog food recall debacle recently?

HEY FDA!!! WAKE UP!!! China is killing our dogs again!!!

Sherri Shelton of La Porte, Indiana lost her dog too, Sheba, a soft-coated wheaten terrier, last month after feeding her the treats.

On July 24 she was told Sheba was suffering from kidney problems, she was given antibiotics and an IV and sent home. Three days later Sheba suffered toxic renal failure and Shelton was forced to put her down.

Shelton, a former health inspector, immediately thought of the two bags of Bestro’s Chicken Jerky Strips she had been feeding Sheba and Sheba’s pup, 2-year-old Kali.

“It threw a red flag up,” she said.

After scouring the Internet, placing several phone calls to Wal-Mart, where she bought the strips, and speaking with someone at Bestro’s parent company in China, Shelton believed her hunch about the treats might be correct.

“Something’s wrong with these treats,” she said.

Shelton said she gave a sample of the treats to the Office of Indiana State Chemist for testing. Bob Geiger, feed administrator with the chemist’s office, told The La Porte County Herald-Argus Friday that tests were being conducted on Shelton’s sample as well as samples taken from the manufacturer. He said the investigation is ongoing and that the chemist’s office was working closely with the Food and Drug Administration.

Although the FDA has not issued a recall of the product, Wal-Mart Spokesperson Marisa Bluestone confirmed to The Herald-Argus Friday that based on customer concerns, the dog treats had been pulled from the shelves of all Wal-Mart stores. Bluestone said an electronic block had been placed on the product to ensure that it cannot scan at checkout.

Bestro has issued a statement that they care about people and pets and ordered the removal of all treats from store shelves. Walmart has offered Collins a $2000 settlement but money does not compensate for the loss of a beloved furbaby! Shelton was offered a $700 settlement by Bestro through a third party but now her other dog, Kali, is sick.

“It’s not personal property,” said Shelton. “My dog is my family member. I was so insulted they offered me $700 for my dog.”

Kali is suffering kidney problems and is being closely monitored.

Aside from the fact that Shelton was insulted at the settlement offer and her heart is broken over losing Sheba and the possibility of losing Kali too, she has also has declined to accept pending Kali’s death.

“I’m waiting to resolve all matters at once,” she said. “I’m angry that our county isn’t aware of the potential hazards of this product coming from China. Personally, I’m devastated.”

Both Collins and Shelton want to get the word out before more dogs are harmed and so do I. If you have any of these treats, Bestro Chicken Jerky Strips, return them immediately for a refund.

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