A Van Buren, Arkansas family probably owes their very lives to the timely and persistent intervention of a one year old rescue dog, Miley. Last weekend, Stacie Pitts was sleeping in the early morning hours when Miley kept licking her on the face.  Feeling ill, Stacie kept trying to go back to sleep but Miley persisted.

She finally tried to get up when she realized that Miley was acting strange.  Stacie had a headache and was overcome by nausea.

“I couldn’t hold anything down. I ran to the bathroom throwing up,” Pitts said. “And I wasn’t throwing anything up but chemicals. It tasted like medicine in the back of my throat.”

Stacie’s fiancé, Richard Childers, woke up with a headache as well and went to wake up Stacie’s 6 yr-old stepdaughter who was also ill, headachy and lethargic when he finally did get her to wake up.

They all went to the hospital, Pitts by ambulance and Childers and the little girl following in a vehicle. At the hospital they were all diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning, Pitt a level of 25, Childers 20-22 and the little girl 17. The carbon monoxide poisoning was actually severe enough to scar Pitts’ lungs.

“My doctor said I was just inches away from the deadly point. I was not comatose, but I couldn’t open my eyes,” she said. “If it wasn’t for her (Miley) waking me up and making me feel the sickness, I would have went to sleep and never woke up.”

The fire department found a faulty heater in the home that was the problem and made sure it was dealt with. The landlord will be replacing the heater and installing carbon monoxide detectors.

The dog owners said they owe their life to Miley for waking them up.

“She’s not going anywhere. She saved our lives and we saved hers. I guess she was just paying us back,” said Pitts.

More lives saved because of ‘just a dog.’ What a hero she is and you can bet that family will never think of Miley as ‘just a dog.’

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