Back in October 2009, two dogs named Emma and Luna were shot execution style, and deliberately positioned tail to tail next to railroad tracks in Pennsbury Township, PA a few miles from their home.   This case has been a frustrating one for the Chester County, PA SPCA.  After three long months of following leads with no result, the search for the dog killer hit a dead end.  The Chester County SPCA put out a distress call, and Rescue Ink has responded.

And Rescue Ink has a message for the Dog Killer.  “Come find us before we find you.” 

This was not a random shooting.  It’s not like these dogs surprised someone or threatened someone else’s livestock or chickens.  These dogs were shot between the eyes at close range, moved to another location, and positioned tail to tail.  That was a message.  This killer has made it known that this was a deliberate act.  Whenever you come upon something dead postured in an un-natural position, you know what you’re dealing with.  Someone who likes to kill. 

Rescue Ink is working along with law enforcement to help find the person (or persons) who killed these two dogs.   They work within the boundary of the law to help solve these crimes.  They will be canvassing the Chester County neighborhoods asking questions. 

The dog owners – James Milliner, and his cousin, Paul Bartholomew miss their dogs.  And they are grateful for all the support. 

The reward, initially at $500 has now grown to $50,000. Donations to the reward have come from various sources, mainly Chester County residents.  That’s Fifty Thousand Dollars.  Hopefully someone knows something and squeals.  Abusers don’t have friends.  And if this Dog Killer bragged about this, one of his “friends” is going to turn him in – for Fifty Thousand Dollars.   It’s not rocket science when money is involved because… 

money talks

Rescue Ink are “street guys” who know how to get information.   If you know anything and these guys show up, it’s in your best interest to… 

start talking.

Tips in the case can be given to the Pennsylvania State Police, the Chester County SPCA, or Rescue Ink through their website,, or toll-free at 1-800-510-7355

It’s Fifty Thousand Dollars and Rescue Ink.  Not something to toss around lightly.

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