Cullen and Kraham

UPDATE 8/31/09 – 120 Animal Cruelty and Abandonment Charges Plea Bargained to 2 Misdemeanor Animal Abuse Charges

See Update – 10/4/08 – Cagata & Accomplices Facing Over 100 New Charges in ‘Rescue Scam’

See Update – 9/25/08 – Third Suspect Arrested!

Most people in rescue have only the best intentions, to rescue, save and rehome animals that may otherwise not have a chance. But then you have some of the lowest of the low, the ones who give rescue a questionable name, the posers and the scammers and others whose intentions are anything but good.

In Lee County, Florida, we have some serious trash, James Cullen and Shannon Kraham, who worked with a yet unidentified ‘ringleader’ from ‘My Best Friends Incorporated’ animal rescue to remove dogs and other animals from shelters, promising to find good homes, only to try to sell them for profit. The animal were left in deplorable conditions and many that they could not sell were just left to starve.

Lee County Sheriff’s Department seized more than 70 animals from a Buckingham area property; dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens, including a dead kitten and dead puppy found in a freezer.

Disgusting, horrific and sad were the words used by a detective working the case to describe the conditions the animals were found in.

Cullen and Kraham were charged with animal cruelty and abandonment and the investigation is far from over. More arrests are expected.

The investigation started last week after a complaint was called in to Lee County Animal Services.

Officers with LCAS went to the Jackson Road home and after gathering statements from neighbors, turned over the investigation to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

An investigation revealed Cullen and Kraham were working with the “ringleader” of ‘My Best Friends Incorporated’, an animal rescue mission. The “ringleader” has not been officially identified.

According to detectives, the “ringleader” would go to shelters across the state and pick up animals, promising to find them good homes.

However, it was revealed the animals were sold as a profit.

The others that could not be sold were allegedly turned over to the Jackson Road property which the “ringleader” called “the farm”.

Detectives say Cullen and Kraham told them they cared for the animals in exchange for room and board.

They are now accused of leaving the animals they could not sell, to starve.

Lee County Animal Services is now caring for the 53 dogs, 28 cats, 1 rabbit and 2 chickens.

We are told a few more animals are in the care of another animal clinic because they are so sick.

Detectives tell WINK News additional suspects have been identified and more arrests are pending.

The investigation is ongoing. (WINK News)

What absolute scum and trash!! I’ve gotta stop now before I can’t even publish what I write…..

Rescue Scam

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