Jessica_ Kromer-Troy_JacksonIf you’ve been reading  FTLTD for any time at all, you know that I have the greatest respect for those in rescue and on the front lines saving our canine companions and giving them a chance at a new life.  You should also know that I reserve the greatest enmity and anger for those who, in the name of rescue, abuse and take advantage of the animals in their care and the people who place their trust in them.

Well Jessica Kromer, 23 and Troy Jackson, 39, definitely fall into the latter category.

In March they got involved with Kennedy-based Home Sweet Home rescue. Shortly after moving to Pittsburg, they answered an advertisement to volunteer with the group. Initially impressive, socializing dogs, being a part of the adoption process, inspecting potential homes and dealing with paperwork and fees, within a few months they’re weren’t looking so good anymore.

After placing 15 dogs by June and turning over the adoption money to Home Sweet Home so that other dogs could be vetted and cared for, soon, all the rescue started getting was excuses rather than money. Then 3 of the dogs in the couple’s car wound up in dog pounds.

In June a rep for the rescue went to the couple’s home to check things out and no longer did the home show any signs of the once caring place for animals. Walls and floors were covered in feces, there were piles of garbage everywhere and the stench was unbelievable! Several of the dog were also underweight.

Kromer was also observed repeated hitting a dog that had been hit by a car and was recovering from a broken hip. The rep took the dog and three days later, the founder of the rescue, Melanie Taylor, came and removed the remaining three dogs from the couple’s custody. When Ms. Taylor asked for the adoption fees that were owed to the rescue, over $2k, she was told they had been stolen.

You can be sure that was the last straw for Ms. Taylor! This week the couple were arrested and charged with animal cruelty, theft and harboring a nuisance because of the poor condition of the house.

“It’s not going to be that easy to trust people anymore,” said Melanie Taylor, founder of Kennedy-based Home Sweet Home. “I never thought someone would steal from the rescue.”

“We’re going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law,” Pittsburgh police Officer Christine Luffey said. “Home Sweet Home trusted Troy and Jessica. They violated that trust on many different levels.”

More wastes of human life trash! And they have two young children that were living in that filth along with the dogs! Oh yeah, these are real winners! Wonder what the “fullest extent of the law” is in TN, no doubt it will fall far short of what I think their punishment should be!

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