Candace Jennings of Idaho City, Idaho, may only be alive today thanks to an abused dog that she rescued, who saved her life twice when her home caught on fire. Thanksgiving Day was truly a day of thanks for Candace Jennings when Anna, a blue heeler she adopted from an animal shelter nudged and howled at 3:30 am until Jennings awoke to find her mobile home engulfed in flames.

“Anna woke me up,” Jennings said. “I had an awful headache. The place was filled with smoke.”

The two escaped the home but Jennings felt she needed to go back and get some keys the she used in her job, keys that belonged to other people.

“I’m a janitor in town,” she said. “I had everyone’s keys in my backpack. I had to go back and get them.”

Once back in the house she became disoriented and overcome by smoke, she couldn’t find her way back out. Anna, who followed her back in the burning structure led her back out, again.

“I couldn’t find the door,” said Jennings. “She pushed on me, she nudged me out the door.”

They made it out just in time as the roof collapsed. Jennings, Anna and two other dogs that Jennings owned all survived. Jennings with just some burns to her feet and frostbite due the the 15 degree temperatures.

Grant Hawk, owner of the trailer park, said an electrical problem might have started the fire in the mobile home, which he said is a total loss.

Needless to say, Candace Jennings thinks Anna is a real hero, “She’s a hero,” said Jennings as Anna ate an omelet at restaurant on Friday.

Rose Washam, an Idaho City resident, said Jennings’ decision to try and retrieve the keys from the burning mobile home didn’t surprise her.

“Candace always thinks of somebody else before she thinks of herself,” said Washam. “She will go without so others can have. She’s known as the town healer.”

Friends are collecting clothes and other items for Jennings, and the Idaho City Hotel has offered her a room.

“Everything happens for a reason,” said Washam. “I guess we will find out the reason for this. Maybe it’s time for us to give back to her.”

Source – Fox News

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