Last night, Facebook was on fire over a report that a dog was trapped in a storm drain for several days.  There was a post was left on the Fox5 Atlanta Fan Page that a dog was cemented into a culvert at a Dahlonega, Georgia Apartment complex and had been howling for days.

Once people started to crosspost this on Facebook, the calls started coming into the police department and Fox5 Atlanta.  Seems Fox5 was somewhat humored by this and decided to tell callers it was all a hoax.  But the callers persisted.  At 4pm yesterday, the TLC Humane Society (Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Humane Society) got involved in the rescue.

The owner of the property was contacted and permission was granted to open the grate covering the storm drain.   Sheriff Stacy Jarrad of the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s office assisted in getting the proper experts and equipment to the site for the rescue.  They located the animal with a special camera and excavated the area.  They were assisted by the fire department, a backhoe operator, and even some residents of the apartment complex armed with sledgehammers.

Once the grate was opened, a special camera was used to locate the animal’s position.  Then, when located, a hole was dug about 5 feet down to expose the drain pipe where it was cut, and the dog was pulled out.

However, the dog became extremely agitated and broke free from the rescuers and ran off.  No one is sure if it was a dog, maybe a young husky, or a coyote.  But the animal was freed from which could have been a lonely death by starvation.

Concerned people on Facebook made the calls pleading for a rescue.  The TLC Humane society, the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Department, apartment residents, and other experts were called and they wasted no time.  They worked well into the night, ending at around 2am Wednesday morning.

Fox5 Atlanta had somewhat of a “sheepish” blurb at their website this morning acknowledging the rescue.

Don’t complain about where your tax dollars go.  A group of citizens and municipal employees got together and worked late into the night to free an animal in distress.  These are people you want on your side.  It didn’t matter to them if it was a dog, cat, coyote, wolf, or bearded dragon.

TLC Humane Society Facebook

Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office

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