nalaSo often we talk about how rescued dogs actually rescue those who rescue them, but every once in a while they literally do save and rescue their rescuers.  This is one of those times.  Nala, a lovely rescued pittie from Hawaiian Humane Society, saved her family on Thursday night after someone tossed an incendiary device through the window of their home and started a blaze.

“Thank goodness for the dog ’cause the dog was barking, so everybody kind of woke up,” resident James Lopes said.

Thanks to Nala’s barking and alert neighbors, all seven residents, six adults and a toddler, are safe and quick reaction even kept damage to a minimum.

“A neighbor came running at our door, said there was a fire, that somebody threw something at the window.  So we got out ran out from the room. The fire was over here, son-in-law moved this. They dosed it with water inside. I was outside with a water hose shooting what I could,” Lopes said.

Way to go, Nala!  Give that sweetie a treat and remember, rescue is a two-way street… that pet we think we rescued is often the one who rescues us in the end, maybe not quite so dramatically,  but in so many ways all the same!


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