tomball-tx-dog-abuseResidents of Tomball, TX are worried after a fifth dog was found with its legs duct taped together and evidence of some kind of sexual abuse having taken place.

The first reported incident was in early February when a woman spotted a dog in a field “hopping like a bunny.”  When she investigated she found that the dog’s legs had been duct taped together but it had managed to free its front legs.

A volunteer for a Harris County-based animal rescue group who picked up the dog said she knew of several other incidents of dogs being found in that same condition.

“The sad thing about it all is these dogs have had raw, red and bloody rear ends,” the volunteer said. “I just don’t want to think what they are doing to them.”

One couple who found four of the dogs, including an abused female pitbull on March 1, cared for the dogs, fostered them and found homes for them.  The female pitbull went to an animal rescue group. Unfortunately since there was no evidence for the SPCA when they were called, they really could not investigate at the time.

The couple who claim they tried to help the pit bull confirmed that they have found several dogs dumped in the same field off Hicks Street, but said the pit bull was the first one that made them think these animals may have been sexually abused.

“Until now, it never crossed my mind that could be what is happening to them,” the wife said. “Who would think anything like that.”

She believes whomever is doing this is not selecting breed specific dogs, as all four have shown no similarity, but she said they have all been female. (The Potpourri)

But the abuse hasn’t stopped…

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The Tomball police department working with the Harris County District Attorney’s Special Crimes Unit, the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (animal control), and local animal rescue organizations are trying to gather enough information and evidence to lead to the prosecution of those responsible for the criminal misconduct.

Sadly, until the news broke in the local media, Tomball Police Department Chief Robert Hauck was not even aware of the crimes because no one had made any reports. Needless to say, he was frustrated.

“If I sound a little frustrated, it is because I am,” he said. “If anyone has found these dogs and are concerned about animals, our department should have been contacted.”

“We have already spoken to a volunteer with an animal shelter that is familiar with the incidents,” Hauck said. “We don’t know if this is a case of bestiality yet as the volunteer said someone could have used a foreign object or the dogs could just have very bad infections. The volunteer did say this was extreme swelling. Either way, these dogs have been duct-taped and that is abuse.”

Hauck wants anyone who knows anything or if there is another dog found, to contact the department so that they can investigate and try to find the abuser.

“We don’t know where to start patrolling, or if that is needed,” he said. “We have all of these pieces that we need to try and put together first to see what image comes out.”

The Houston Area Crime Stoppers Association is offering to establish a reward for someone who has information that could lead Tomball police to solve a serial animal cruelty investigation.

Hopefully they can find whoever is doing this and throw their sick ass in jail! What the hell is wrong with people?! There are times that I hardly know what to say, this is one of them…

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