Mike Day, retired police officer and ex-mayor, shot a 10-lb 13-yr-old dog 5 times with a .357 Magnum in self-defense

Mike Day, retired police officer and ex-mayor, shot a 10-lb 13-yr-old dog 5 times with a .357 Magnum in self-defense

Retired police officer and one term mayor of Seven Mile in Butler County, OH, Mike Day, was so terrified of the 10-lb 13-yr-old terrier mix dog that ran out in the road while he was riding his bike on Monday that he fell off the bike, drew his .357 Magnum and shot the terrorizing pooch 5 times.

This is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard!

Yeah, sure, little dogs can be aggressive and bite and it’s going to hurt, but just how vicious is a 13 yr old little dog really going to be? I mean, does it really take five shots from a monster of a gun? Couldn’t a shove or even a swift kick have taken care of the threat? Keep in mind that I would hate to see a little old dog kicked but better a kick out of the way then to take 5 shots from a powerful handgun!

There is just no way to justify this to me! Sure, the dog shouldn’t have been running loose, even the owner, Linda Spenser, admitted that, but c’mon, to shoot a little old dog 5 times!

Oh, did I mention that the little dog’s name was Precious and this took place within a couple hundred feet of an elementary school while there were children there?

And then the police report states that when an officer showed up he pulled his badge and told them that he was still on the force.

Day denies saying that, he says he told the deputy he’s a retired officer and has a commission to carry his weapon in plain view.

“It scares me to think he’s walking around with a gun with that mindset, what if he lost his temper on a person, it’s scary,” says Linda Spenser.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says this investigation is twofold: Day’s use of force and if the former cop should still by carrying around a gun and a badge.

Local 12’s Jessica Donnellon also spoke with a former village council member who says she’s very concerned about the fact that Mike Day discharged that weapon within two hundred feet of an elementary school during school while kids were there.

So far Day does not face any charges. The police chief in Seven Mile says Day did receive a commission to keep working with the department when he retired in 1999, but has not completed the necessary training hours to keep that commission. (Local 12)

This is one serious scary guy with some problems if you ask me and I’m just going to leave it at that…

Mike Day, ex-cop and ex-mayor shoots little dog 5 times

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