Rescued GreyhoundMore greyhounds to be adopted, less potential adopters and even adopted dogs being returned,  the rough economy is hitting hard and as usual it hits the most innocent and defenseless first and hardest.

Between tracks being hit hard and either closing or facing competition for other gambling industries, combined with seasonal closings, the waiting lists at greyhound rescue organizations is larger than ever before while the list of fosters and potential adopters is dwindling.  Even many people who had adopted a rescued greyhound are returning them for a number of reason, mostly all economy related.

“There have been a lot of stress-related returns with people losing their houses or their jobs and more adoption groups are reporting new adoptions are down,” said Michael McCann, president of The Greyhound Project Inc., a Boston-based nonprofit that provides support and information to greyhound adoption organizations and the public. “It seems to be related to the economy mostly.”

This trend is not only affecting greyhounds and greyhound rescues, you are seeing the economic ramifications hitting hard all over, rescues and shelters; more pets being turned in and no one to adopt them.

Donations are way down and so many of these organizations, especially rescues, depend solely on donations to run and survive.   Many are forced to just shut down becuase, unlike larger organization, they have no support base to turn to.

Not only is the economy hitting the dogs and pets, of course people are feeling the bite, especially as the holidays come roaring toward us.  If you’ve watched or read the news, stories abound about charity groups facing more requests than ever with less resources to meets the needs.

We’re all feeling it but, especially this time of year, if you can squeeze out a little extra bit, do your heart some good and give someone a little help.  Even if it’s just a few dollars or maybe some food or other goods, make a donation, for pets or people.  As rough as some of us are having it, there are many who have it much worse so as you cuddle your furbabies and think about the coming holidays, don’t forget those who can ue a little helping hand… or paw.

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