Baby_TaylorIn the past two months three McPhearson County, KS, dogs have been stolen from their homes, then within a couple of days, shot dead and left near the owners homes.  The first incident happened in late April.  The Rausch family’s two labs, Baby and Taylor disappeared only to be found a day and a half later dumped on the side of the road a couple miles from their home.  Both dogs had been shot in the neck and Taylor had mud a debris shoved into his mouth.

April Rausch believes the dog were stolen because Baby was recovering from a recent surgery and they wouldn’t have wandered far.

“It was just very upsetting to know that somebody had done something like that,” says Rausch, “something so cruel.”

Three days later another dog, a German Shepherd, was stolen then two days later turned up dumped in the owner’s driveway, shot in the head.

“They held ours for a day,” says Rausch. “They took (the German Shepherd) for two-and-a-half days. They’ve got to be holding them somewhere. We’re hoping somebody would have seen that somebody had some dogs that didn’t belong to them, had them for a very short time.”

At this point authorities don’t know if these dog-nappings and killings are linked, that the same person or person committed these crimes but they are looking for information and investigating. The Rausch family has offered a reward that is now up to $2300 and the HSUS has added a $2500 reward to that.

Crimes like this do not happen in a vacuum, someone must have seen something, someone knows something! Help to get the word out. Let’s try to get some justice for these brutally killed innocents and find out who did this. Next time it may not be “just a dog” because it has been proven that people who will abuse and kill animals are only a step away from doing the same to people.

Anyone with information is asked to call the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office at 620-245-1225.

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