Teddi SueSince I write wrote this story – Missing Dog Alert – Auburn, WA – 4 mo old Puppy Stolen with Car! – on April 18 and the updates; Update – Missing Dog – 4 mo old Puppy Stolen with Car, Update 2 – Missing Dog – Auburn WA, 4 mo old Puppy Stolen with Car, D’Ann Lally has continued her search for her beloved missing Teddi Sue!

She and friends have canvassed Auburn, WA and surrounding areas, visited every shelter and rescue, spoken with school officials, plastered ‘Missing’ posters , spoke with politicians, law officers and the media, but so far to no avail.  How can it be that no one has seen this little dog, that no one has news, that no one will come forward?? D’Ann’s anguish over her little missing dog is painful to witness.  D’Ann’s husband andTeddi Sue’s fur siblings wait day after day for some word, some news.

Ginger’s Pet Rescue has put together a reward for Teddi Sue’s return, no questions asked.

” Stolen on April 16th 2007 “

“Let’s Bring Teddy Sue Home !”


$ 500.00 Reward


Dear Animal Lovers, 


* Imagine losing your dog to someone who stole your dog & your car !!!


This is one of the most devastated stories that I have ever heard of !

I spoke briefly with DAnn today and she is just heartbroken.


Anyone who wants to help donate towards the “Reward Money” please

donate thru pay pal on www.gingerspetrescue.org


I feel that it may take a huge reward to bring this dog home.


* Thanks, Ginger’s Pet Rescue



* Thieves took the car & the little dog too 

 By Robert Whale – Auburn News

D’Ann Lally nearly has worn herself out looking.

Not so much for the car stolen from her April 16 as she grabbed a bite
to eat at the Muckleshoot Casino restaurant before heading home to Eugene, Ore.

Auburn police found the Toyota Camry abandoned on M Street
Northeast on April 20, its interior trashed in an apparent joyride.

What police didn’t find was Teddi Sue, the 4-month-old miniature
Chihuahua-pinscher Lally had left in a cart in the back seat when
she was inside the restaurant.

Lally’s heart is broken.

“My whole life is on hold,” Lally said. “She is my baby. She means more to me than the car.”

Lally has devoted nearly every waking hour since to looking for the little black and tan dog.

Stranded, Lally spent her first night in a local hotel room, using
up all of her cash on hand. A friend of her brother’s then allowed her
to stay at her home in Federal Way and use her computer and phones
to get the word out about her dog.

Lally’s host, Lori Batinik, doesn’t own any dogs, but sympathized 

with the Oregon woman’s plight.

“It’s horrible,” Batinik said. “I can’t believe somebody would
steal her car with her dog in there. I mean, it’s great she got her
car back, but she cares more about the dog,”

Along the way, Lally has found a lot of friends. One of her best
friends since the theft has been the Web site Dogster.com, whose
“Dogster Pals” have made her cause their cause, her pain their pain.

“All these Dogster people have been working day and night, all day
long sending out e-mails. There’s this big thread going about
Teddi-Sue that’s probably about 15 pages long. People have been
making phone calls and e-mails, anything they can do to get the word
out about her. It’s unbelievable. People I have never met all over
the country are helping me,” Lally said.

One of my closest Dogster Pals is Fed-Exing some money up to me
so I can stay here and keep looking for her so I don’t have to go
back home right away. I am just overwhelmed,” Lally said.

Dogster.com also opened up Pay Pal account, affording her money she
needs to continue her search.

Lally and Batinik visited the Animal Shelter in Kent on Friday,
hoping to find Teddi Sue among the tail-wagging denizens. No luck.

“She is an angel, the sweetest little thing,” Lally said of Teddi
Sue.. “She has her hyper moments, but she is usually calm and normal.

In the early evening she’ll tear around the house for a half-hour,
then scrunch down. I call her my guinea pig. I have four dogs, and
every night all four of them sleep with me. It drives my husband
crazy.  Home won’t be home without her.”

Even now she can hardly believe the dog is gone.

“I was gone maybe 15 minutes, came back out to the car to check on
Teddi-Sue to make sure it wasn’t too hot I went back in, came out
again maybe 10 minutes later, and the third time I came out the car
was gone.


My heart just dropped into my stomach. I said, ‘Oh my god,

Teddi Sue!’ I had covered up the cart with bags at each end. I ran
back in and said, ‘My car is gone.’ I spent two hours searching the
parking lot. I searched everywhere. I called 911 and reported it.”

Lally wants to believe that Teddi Sue is still safe,

and that somebody knows something.

She was last seen in a plastic blue pet carrier with a wire door.

“If people learn about this, maybe they’ll say, ‘Oh, so and so just
got a puppy like that right about that same time that looks just like
that dog.’ Enough good people are out there that somebody is going to
see her, somebody is going to say something. It might take some time.
I just pray someone out there is feeding her and keeping her warm.”



My car was stolen in Auburn, Washington on Monday, April 16, 2007 with Teddi Sue inside of it in her crate. The car is a white 1990 Toyota Camry with Oregon license plates. Update: My car was recovered on Friday, April 20th, near 21st and M street in Auburn, just a couple of miles from where it was stolen. Most of my personal belongings and our beloved Teddi Sue were no longer in the car. Since this awful nightmare has begun, our Dogster friends have stepped up and shown us tremendous love and support in our search for Teddi Sue. They are here for us when some of our own blood relatives have ignored us and turned us away. We feel very blessed and grateful to be cared about and loved by so many kind and wonderful friends. No matter what the outcome, our family will be forever grateful to our dear and true Dogster friends

“There is a reward. No questions asked.


I just want my dog back,”
Lally said.

Anyone with information may contact Lally at 1-541-579-5297 or
Email her at 


Thank You,  DAnn Lally 

 Please, I ask again, if you live in the Auburn, WA or surrounding areas, keep your eyes open.  If you know anything at all about this, let someone know, call D’Ann!!  Repost this information!  After a month and a half little Teddi Sue could be almost anywhere!! Please open your heart and help to reunite Teddi Sue with the family who misses her so desperately!

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