pitbullRidgeland, MS joined some of its neighbors; Clinton, Richland and Rankin County in adopting breed specific legislation.  Pitbulls are now banned in Ridgeland as in Richland.  Clinton also bans Rottweilers along with pitbulls and in Rankin Country, they’re not banned but must be registered.

On Tuesday the Board of Aldermen voted 6-0 to ban pitbulls, Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and wolf-dog hybrids from the city. There is a grandfather clause but it allows owners of pitbulls to keep only one of any of the breeds banned as long as the dog was never deemed dangerous or vicious. The owner has 60 days from the effective date, April 17, to pay “a $100 registration fee to the city, meets other national registration, training and enclosure requirements and agrees to unannounced inspections.” Dogs must also have an ID chip implanted in their ear.

Rottweilers were originally included by the ban but were removed on Tuesday. Also one of the earlier drafts had allowed an owner to be able to keep up to three of the banned breed of dog as part of the grandfather clause, that was changed to a limit of one.

“Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee has said the new law does not punish responsible dog owners but instead takes dogs out of the hands of people who are attracted to certain breeds for malign reasons.”

Well, Mayor McGee is say whatever he wants but in the end it punishes the dog and owners.

The new ordinance puts some pitbull owners in a tough situation, like Gloria Grantham, who now has to decide between which of her two dogs she has to find a new home for.  The first talks of prohibiting dogs started last year when Grantham’s neighbor, April Scott, complained that Grantham’s dogs, two pitbulls and a Rottweiler, were dangerous and a nuisance.

Grantham spent thousands of dollars to have an 8′ fence installed and concrete kennels to make sure her dogs would not be able to get out and now after all of that, she has the heartbreaking task of losing one of them.

Many owners will be turning to local shelters to turn in their banned dogs but at least one, CARA, a no-kill shelter, is already way over capacity and will have to turn away any new dogs. They will try to help find a new home but that is the most they can do.

Yet again another city jumps on the BSL bandwagon in a knee-jerk reaction when there is no evidence that banning pitbulls even works!  Take a look at Denver. In the time since the ban was enacted, they’ve had six times the bite incidents than their neighbor, Boulder, who has no BSL.

So as usual, families will be broken up and dogs are going to die.  BSL is like a virus which needs to be exterminated.  When will people ever actually look at the facts rather than the hype?

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