River, the elusive, vagabond dog we reported previously has been rescued.  The cagey little pup gave up life on the run and is now safe and sound.  She will be examined by a vet and a permanent home will be sought for her.  She certainly gave residents out near Tucson’s Riliato River a run for their money.  For approximately 4 months she lived along the river bank being monitored by the residents that live in the area.  They left food, water, toys, and eventually gained her trust.

Traps with food were set but she always managed to get the food and not set off the trap.  There were some mishaps with a few water buckets.  Toys were left for River and she seemed to treasure them.   Eventually, she began to expect her dinner when volunteers dropped it off.  And there was a scare this past January when the river overflowed and River was not seen for a few days. 

It’s all water under the bridge now.  River is safe.  Thanks to a dedicated few that went out almost every day taking care of her best they could.  Check out the whole story at River’s blog, Rescuing River.  It has a cool video of River, some pictures, and promise of new pictures to come.

They did what many could not – contain a wandering spirit.  Richmond’s Animal Control tried for almost 20 years to capture Black Dog.   So did some of Richmond’s citizens.  Black Dog was either too determined to remain free, or maybe they didn’t have the right *mojo*.   Nobody knows for sure.  But I can’t help feeling slightly sad. 

There is a kind of comfort to having a resident vagabond dog.  These dogs represent a type of freedom that awakens the heart in every human being.   And it’s a good feeling.  A good feeling to have a friendly spirit pass you by, pausing briefly, regarding you with twinkling eyes and a tail wag.  

It also brings people together, doing good things.  Just imagine you and your friends and neighbors putting food and water out for these dogs, watching as they eat happily.  Then the dog looks up at you, and with a wag of the tail as a thank you, they’re off – carefree.  That’s what it should be in this world.  

This, by all means, is no disrespect to the ones who captured River.  They saved her from what could have been a hard and lonely life as a stray.   Well done River’s rescuers.  May your lives be full of treats.

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