Roscoe, a German Shepherd mix adopted by the Cockrum'sIn October, Roscoe, a German Shepherd mix was seized from his family’s from yard under the guise that Animal Control claimed he looked like a pit bull.

To further add insult, Roscoe had been adopted from the Kansas City Shelter last December and his paperwork listed him as a German Shepherd mix. When Mr. Cockrum took the paperwork the shelter to try to reclaim Roscoe, they changed their story and said he was removed due to neglect.

When that didn’t work, they then said they were keeping Roscoe since he hadn’t been neutered. The Cockrum’s explained the due to a problem pregnancy they had some financial problems but that they would take care of it. They thought they had worked out the problem. They found out this wasn’t so.

“At first he told us, ‘Give me until Wednesday and then I will take him down and get it neutered and everything myself and then you guys can pay for it.’ Fine. OK. Capt. Horn said that,” Cockrum said.

But a few days later, Cockrum said, Horn called back. “He basically told us that we’re not getting our dog back. He’s either going up for adoption or euthanizing.”

They never got to see Roscoe and considering all the problems that have plagued the shelter dating back more than a year, they were giving up hope of ever seeing their canine companion again.

The Kansas City shelter was known for putting down dogs before the three day waiting period, hundreds of dogs among other problems. The Cockrum’s were sure that Roscoe would be killed.

KCTV5 took up the story and did an investigation. They were shuffled from one department to another. Eventually they did find out that Roscoe was still alive but were refused a request to see him.

Amazingly, just this past Thursday, Roscoe went home. It must have been a joyful reunion for all. He was neutered by Spay and Neuter Kansas City and if you can believe it, the Cockrum family was actually fined for not having Roscoe registered.

So not only was their dog seized unlawfully, he was held for months and then they were fined. What trumped up BS!! I guess everyone should just be happy he made it home alive and well but I can tell you if this had happened to me, I would be raising holy hell and that shelter would not hear the end of it!!

Seems more and more we’re hearing about abuses by animal shelters, organizations which are supposed to ‘shelter’ and care for animals. To say that they’re not doing their job would be a major understatement. If a shelter is not working there needs to be public outcry and reform. Most of these places are supported by our tax dollars, don’t let them be yet another link in the chain of animal abuse!!

Source – KCTV

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