We all love our canine companions but how many of us would actually go to the length of asking that our dog be rescued before us in a perilous situation? Actually I think quite a few of us would. Randy Earl, 53, of Core, WV, did just that after his boat capsized and both he and his little spaniel mix, Lacy were stranded.

Earl and Lacy were out fishing on Mason Lake near their Monongalia County home when for some reason the boat flipped and tossed them both into the cold 50 degree water. Earl, reasonably safe in his life jacket even though it was on quite properly, managed to get Lacy perched on top of the overturned boat while he held on to the hull and remained in the chilly water.

“When the boat flipped over, I put the dog on top of the boat so it would be safe,” Earl said. “That dog means a lot to me and my wife Kandy both. We lost both of our children in a car accident on April 23, 1993. That dog is like a child to us.”

When rescuers arrived, Earl begged Trooper J.D. McCoy to rescue Lacy first.

“He asked the state trooper to take the dog first,” Jan Thorn, who’d been fishing on the lake’s edge, said about Earl. “It was very touching.”

Earl was taken to the hospital as a precaution but released later. Both he and Lacy are doing fine.

It’s a touching story with a happy ending. Wish more of them could be like this!

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