dwayne-sumterShortly after the story became public about a Ft. Bliss soldier killing one recently adopted dog and injuring another, another story surfaced about another Ft. Bliss solider that was wanted to face animal cruelty charges.

In February 2008 a horrific discovery was made in a house that had been occupied by Sgt. Dwayne Sumter and wife Tnelda; a female pitbull, Little Pit Girl, that had been locked in a crate, was found starved to death curled up in a suitcase after she chewed her way out of the crate but found no food or water. It was estimated that she lived 30 days after being abandoned in the garage on the crate.

little-pit-girl1Sumter was transferred to Ft. Hood before the warrant could be served and then recently deployed to Iraq. Initially the military response was that it was a civilian warrant and up to civilian authorities to take care of it. Then the story and charges started to get public attention, a lot of public attention, especially with this being the second Ft. Bliss soldier accused of animal cruelty. All of the sudden the military gets involved and Sumter is returned from Iraq to face animal cruelty charges, 14 months after the fact.

Sumter’s wife, Tnelda, is also facing the same animal cruelty charges stemming from the cruel death of Little Pit Girl.

Sumter is also wanted on charges of violating his parole on a domestic violence assault charge against his wife.

“Sgt. Sumter returned earlier this week, I can’t give you the exact day, to the United States, and a member of our command escorted him down to El Paso,” said Maj. Joe Scrocca of the U.S. Army 20th Support Command.

Sumter will return to Ft. Hood to retreive his belongings then return to Ft. Bliss where he will remain until the cases are resolved.  the military will not take any action against him since there are no convictions as of yet.

As sad and terrible as the death of Tinkerbelle, the dog killed by the other Ft. Bliss soldier, Frank Zimmerman, her death, is seems, is not in vain, it will bring another accused dog killer to face justice.  Pathetic that it took the death and injury to another soldier’s dogs for this to happen, for the military to finally step up.  We can only hope that there really will be justice for Little Pit Girl and Tinkerbelle, the two dogs that so brutally and cruelly lost their lives to soldiers, men who were supposed to serve and protect.

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