Still, yet and again because of stupid, lazy, uncaring and irresponsible people, the innocent will suffer. In Ferris, TX, the solution that City Manager David Chavez has come up with to take care of the stray/feral dog problem is that police officers will now carry shotguns and the dogs will be “shot on sight.”

According to Chavez, a feral dog is described as a dog without a collar running with other dogs.

Ferris Police Chief Frank Mooney states in a memo dated December 19, “removal shall consist of using the shotgun carried in all police cars with slug rounds.”

“Officers will ensure removal is not done in a place where there may be harm to individuals or individual’s [sic] property,” the memo goes on.

“It’s a health issue that we felt we needed to address before someone got seriously injured,” said Mooney.

In the small Ellis County city, population about 2,300, authorities say Ferris has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and now there are anywhere between 50-100 feral dogs running around posing a danger to the residents. They say they’ve tried trapping to no avail and now they are forced to take stronger measures and shooting will only be used as a last resort if the dogs cannot be captured.

Ferris has only one animal control officer, Misty Clark, and she says that the dogs flee when they see her truck.

“You’d think I was a police officer and they just robbed the bank,” Clark said. “They run away and look back at me to see if I’m following.”

Needless to say animal welfare advocates are far from pleased from this directive.

“It seems like a cruel punishment to the animal when the blame is on people,” said Sherwin Daryani, the executive director of Operation Kindness.

“It’s unfathomable to me that the city of Ferris just outlandishly wants to go out and shoot these stray dogs,” Niloofar Asgharian, a board member of the nonprofit Animal Connection of Texas, said. “It doesn’t do anything except that these dogs end up dying a slow, miserable death.”

Animal welfare advocates suggests using nonprofit groups to help trap the animals or encourage punishing those who dump dogs — anything but shooting the dogs.

I can understand the potential danger that aggressive dogs could pose but there must be a more humane way of countering the threat.  If not for stupid people, uncaring and irresponsible people, there would not even be a problem!

What about if some family pet wounds up out running around?  It happens and as much as I hear anymore that pretty much any dog that some (some, not all) cops see running seems to pose an eminent danger, the dog won’t even have a chance.  Do you think every cop is going to take the time to check for a collar or worry if a dog is really aggressive and running with others?  to me this just opens the door to ‘no excuse necessary’ to shoot a dog.

“Ooops, thought it was a stray.”  I just hear that refrain as some child cries over the dead and bloody body of their pet dog that escaped out of the house or yard.

There has got to be a better way!

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