CholoFar too often dogs that are seized in dog fighting raids have no chance.  Usually quickly deemed aggressive, they are euthanized.  For four dogs seized from suspected dog fighters in Delta, CO, the story will have a much different… and happier ending!  These beautiful pitties will be going to professional trainers then given a chance to have the happy homes they so deserve.

Seized in June, Gilberta Mathews, the Delta County Animal Control Officer says, “They were in an aggressive demeanor at that point.”

Now, with some attention and a bit of work, you see very enthusiastic dogs that will be given a chance. Initially, vet tech, Ryla Parlisick, was a bit apprehensive about having fighting dogs in the kennels but that didn’t take too long to change.

Parlisick says, “They all realize I have cookies in my pockets so now we are pretty good friends.” And like all dogs that are taught to fight it’s not about the breed but how they are trained. Mathews says, “They just want to be dogs they just want to play, they just want to please.”

I’m always thankful to see these dogs, pitties, fighting dogs, not to be so quickly judged and found wanting. We’ve seen that, given time and a chance, most of these dogs can be rehabilitated into wonderful, loving companions. And that isn’t too much to ask considering how so many of them started their lives.

Kudos to the Delta Animal Society and everyone involved who is taking a chance and giving these dogs a chance!

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