robert_allen_fullmer Robert Allen Fullmer, 54 of Talent, OR was facing three counts of felony aggravated animal abuse after he killed 5 puppies that were left in his care. Tired of caring for the puppies of his roommate who was incarcerated, he killed the 8-week-old lab puppies, stuffed them in plastic bags and then they were dumped at Southern Oregon Humane Society in a plastic container.

His sentence of 40 days in jail, 35 of which had already been served prior to sentencing, and two years probation, is just another travesty of justice for animals and a slap on the wrist for an animal abuser!

“It’s a slap on the wrist,” said Sally Mackler, director of Spay/Neuter Your Pet. “Studies show that people who do these kinds of things to animals often will go on and do these kinds of things to people.”

Prior to the plea agreement, Fullmer was facing five counts of felony first-degree aggravated animal abuse, five counts of first-degree animal abuse and possession of methamphetamine. Fullmer was jailed 35 days ago on $250,000 bail. He will be in jail for five more days, Markiewicz said.

The District Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss two of the felony aggravated animal abuse charges and all of the lesser charges because Fullmer took responsibility for killing at least three of the puppies, Markiewicz said.

Each of Fullmer’s guilty pleas earned him 20 days of jail time and two years’ supervised probation from the judge. White ordered Fullmer’s jail time on two of the three sentences to be served concurrently. Jail time for the third sentence will be served consecutively. Fullmer also must undergo any counseling deemed necessary by his probation officer, avoid all intoxicants, agree to possess no domestic animal for the next 15 years and pay $100 in fines, White said. (Mail Tribune)

DA Jerry Markiewicz knows he’s going to receive irate calls about the lax sentence but he;a actually pleased with the sentence he got.  He says that “felony sentencing guidelines by the state Legislature restrict judges from handing down the type of sentence that many in the public might expect.”

“My last aggravated animal abuse case only got 10 days, so I’m excited,” Markiewicz said.

Sounds like it’s past time for some laws to be looked at and changed and Mackler says she plans to look into it.

“I had no idea the sentencing was so limited,” said Mackler. “I’m appalled.”

Fullmer also bas quite the list of crimes to his name including multiple felony and misdemeanor convictions for drug charges, driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

I can tell you that I honestly violates his parole and lands his sorry ass behind bars for an more extended stay! I also hope that this will shine a bright hot spotlight on OR’s lax laws and effect some changes and soon! This is not justice!! Those five innocent puppies were killed, they suffered, they had no chance and this POS, who commits crime again and again will be back on the streets to wreak more havoc on society!

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